MCC-UE 1760 Innovations in Marketing (Section 003)

Fall 2013

MCC-UE 1760.003 Innovations in Marketing:  Digital Data Research

*Note: This course is being offered with three distinct themes for Fall 2013. This is Section .003. 

Digital technologies have disrupted (or are in the process of disrupting) every industry on the planet, and market research is no exception.  It is forcing researchers and marketers to reassess how we gather, process and analyze data.  The modern researcher is an Insight Alchemist – one who understands how to identify real insights (not just findings) and synthesize data across numerous data sources blending traditional and digital methods to generate business-changing recommendations.  And you don’t have to be a statistician to learn how to do this.  This class will teach you how to find real insights across multiple traditional, emerging and digital research methods to great effect, a cutting edge approach that mirrors where the research industry is today.