MCC-UE 1760 - Innovations in Marketing (Section 001)

Fall 2014

MCC-UE 1760.001 Marketing, Television, Film and Other Media

*Note: This course is being offered with two distinct themes for Fall 2014. This is Section .001. 

This class takes an in-depth look at the craft of marketing television, film, and digital content and brands. Students will compare and contrast successful and less successful campaigns, and learn about targeting messaging to both consumers and business partners, including advertisers and distributors. Students will get hands-on experience creating a comprehensive and strategic marketing plan to develop a creative campaign for the media property of his or her choice. Guest speakers will include marketing leaders from the entertainment and publishing community, who will give first-hand accounts of what it takes to break through with an effective campaign and create a major hit. Students will gain a thorough understanding of what it takes to develop, execute and measure the success of a creative and strategic marketing campaign.

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Spring 2013

MCC-UE 1760.001 Social Innovation

*Note: This course is being offered with two distinct themes for Spring 2013. This is Section .001. 

This course will provide an overview of Social Innovation — the evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability, strategic philanthropy, cause marketing, and advocacy. We will use a  combination of in-class lectures and cases as well as off-site visits and numerous guest speakers working in the field.