Department of Media, Culture, and Communication

Study Abroad - Media, Culture, and Communication

The Program

The Department of Media, Culture, and Communication's Global Media Scholars Program immerses students in the study of media and globalization through NYU's academic sites abroad. The program features a combination of courses and global experience that allows students to compare and analyze the highly dynamic range of activities associated with the globalization of media and cultural production, distribution, and reception.

Freshmen will be invited to apply to the Global Media Scholars Program each spring. The centerpiece of the program is a two-semester sequence of study abroad starting the spring of participating students' sophomore year at their choice of NYU's campuses in Paris or Prague, followed by a second semester abroad in the fall of students' junior year at their choice of NYU's campuses in Buenos Aires or Shanghai.

Finally, students will take part in a special Senior Media Seminar capstone course during the January Winter (Intersession) term of their senior year. This capstone experience will by taught by a Media, Culture, and Communication faculty member and will involve travel to an NYU global site.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will fulfill the “Global and Transcultural Communication” field of study within the major and will earn a certificate of completion. A small stipend may be available to students for travel expenses incurred during their Senior Media Seminar.