Journal of Student Affairs

Previous Executive Editorial Boards

Volume XI, 2014-2015

Melissa Gudiel, Editor-in-Chief

Lydia Keema, Content Editor

Daniel Wencek, Copy Editor

Brittany Bummer, Production Editor

Annie Le, Development and Publicity Manager

Volume X, 2013-2014

Lauren Jordan, Editor-in-Chief

Alicia Kubes, Content Editor

Jossie Muñoz, Copy Editor

Alana Integlia, Production Editor

Amber Deister, Development and Publicity Manager


Volume IX, 2012-2013

Laura Berk, Editor-in-Chief

Jessica Lam, Content Editor

David Sun, Copy Editor

Naomi Karp, Production Editor

Laura Osborne, Development and Publicity Manager


Volume VIII, 2011-2012

Tatia Haywood, Editor-in-Chief

Diana Law, Content Editor

Andrew LaVenia, Copy Editor

Zaneta Rago, Production Editor

Julia Esser, Development and Publicity Manager


Volume VII, 2010-2011

Jen Venegas, Editor-in-Chief

Daniel Esquivel, Copy Editor

Manaf Mansure, Content Editor

Chris Mosier, Production Editor

Haley Peele, Development and Publicity Manager


Volume VI, 2009-2010

Jack Breffle, Editor in Chief

Grace Dobbyn, Copy Editor 

Christina Chala, Content Editor

Lesley Heffel, Production Editor 

Krista Kohlmann, Development and Publicity Manager


Volume V, 2008-2009

Jordan D. Peterson, Editor in Chief

Erin McLaughlin, Content and Copy Editor 

Aaron King, Production Editor

Jenn Wells, Development and Publicity Manager


Volume IV, 2007-2008

Kit Frick, Editor in Chief

Ashley Skipwith, Content Editor

Amy Harper, Production Editor

Karoline Chrzanowski, Copy Editor

Paulina Abaunza, Development and Publicity Manager


Volume III, 2006–2007

Mark Nakamoto, Editor in Chief

Sarah Dougan, Content Editor

Marc A. Lo, Production Editor


Volume II, 2005–2006

Adam "A.J." Haney, Editor in Chief

Debbie Yunker, Content Editor

Cliff Kim, Production Editor


Volume I, 2004–2005

Andrea Sturtevant, Editor in Chief

Jessica Rosenzweig, Content Editor

Adam Ebnit, Production Editor

Lynne Thompson, Production Editor


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