What We Do

What happens if my child participates?

  • Researchers will visit your child’s school and meet with your child twice in the fall, twice in the spring in kindergarten, and twice in the spring of first grade. During these sessions, we will measure certain things like ability to pay attention and to remember things, ability to slow down and not be impulsive, and we will also measure your child’s knowledge of reading and mathematics. During some of these sessions, we will also collect three samples of your child’s saliva so that we can see how he or she is responding while participating in the research.
  • Each visit is video recorded for later evaluation and scoring.
  • We will ask you to complete a parent questionnaire, asking about socioeconomic data (occupation, income, and education), marital status, and home situation and your child’s childcare history.
  • We will also ask your child’s teacher to fill out questionnaires that ask about your child’s behavior, ability to control emotions, and to pay attention.
  • During the school year, the researcher will return to observe classroom activities.

What happens to my child’s data?

All information collected for this study is strictly confidential & reports will not mention individual children by name. To protect your privacy, our records will be identified only by code numbers. Files will be kept securely locked at our lab at NYU. Only researchers involved in the study will have access to the data.

After we analyze the data, saliva samples will be destroyed within 1 year of data collection; paper, video, & electronic files will be destroyed after 5 years.

What are the risks & benefits of participating?

There are no known risks associated with your child’s participation in this research beyond those of everyday life. Although you will receive no direct benefits, this research may help us understand the ways in which children get ready for school.

What do I get for participating?

We will pay you $35 each time you and your child participate in the study. There will be three opportunities for participation; fall & spring of kindergarten, and 1st grade. If you participate all three times you will earn $105.

Your participation is voluntary. You or your child can choose to end your participation at any time, for any reason, without penalty or loss of benefits.