• Early Childhood
    The Early Childhood Working Group examines pressing issues impacting the intellectual and interpersonal development of young children in early educational settings, including family involvement, teacher-child relationships, and whole-child notions of school readiness. We are interested in conducting... Read More
  • Haiti
    The Haiti Working Group examines critical issues related to human development and social change in Haiti. Centered in a human rights-based approach, we conduct interdisciplinary research on topics relevant to developing a thriving society such as access to food and water, education, healthcare, and ... Read More
  • Investments
    Recent surveys have suggested that children's cognitive and noncognitive outcomes are shaped early in life.  Investments of Time and resources by families during the early childhood years has been argued to have a long-term impact on later outcomes in the form of children's cognitive abilities,... Read More
  • Race, Culture, Ethnicity (SGRCE)
    Since its inception in 1998, the aim of the SGRCE has been to push the boundaries of current scholarship on ethnicity, race, and parenting in the U.S. The twelve scholars who constitute the group come from universities across the US, and each maintain as primary research foci the investigation of pa... Read More
  • School Reform and Beyond (SRB)
    School Reform and Beyond (SRB) aspires to identify strategies that dramatically help close the persistent gap in achievement between children from low-income and higher-income families. SRB focuses on three targets: strategies to help pre-K and early elementary children in their early transition to ... Read More