How Housing Matters


The principal aim of How Housing Matters for Families with Children is to gain a better understanding of how housing affects the behavioral and emotional development of children from birth to eight years of age who come from low-income families. Low-income families are often faced with the challenges of unaffordable housing and high mobility. This research seeks to explore the link between housing conditions and children's development. The project is funded by the MacArthur Foundation.

Amanda L. Roy, Postdoctoral Research Scholar 
 Email:  Phone: 212 998 5209

Amanda L. Roy is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar working with Dr. Raver at IHDSC. In addition to her involvement with CSRP, she is collaborating with Dr. Raver on a MacArthur Foundation-funded study that will explore "How Housing Matters for Families with Children".  Amanda is interested in how intersections between setting and individual characteristics, in particular race/ethnicity, can influence outcomes for families and children.  She is currently examining relationships between neighborhood racial/ethnic composition and individual physical and mental health.   Amanda earned her Ph.D. in community psychology with a concentration in developmental psychology and a minor in quantitative methods from New York University.