The Child Self-Regulation Lab


The purpose of the Child Self-Regulation (CSR) lab is to learn about the ways that children regulate their behavior.  Often, success in children is measured solely in terms of academics and standardized test scores.  The CSR lab is also interested in undertanding children's well-being in terms of their social, emotional, and behavioral skills.

Our goal is investigate the ways that out of home settings (summer camp, school, neighborhood) can influence children's emotional regulation and executive functioning and to use this understanding to develop interventions to promote these skills. 

If you have a child between the ages of 4-14 and are interested in participating in future CSR studies, Register Here.

Past Projects

Summer Camp Study  

The Summer  Adventure Camp Study was designed to help kids build skills to tackle everyday challenges by using positive strategies of self-regulation and decision-making. Summer Adventure Camp activities included a week of “Art and Yoga” activities or “Search and Discovery” activities. Through  these themed camp activities, kids were taught how to “focus, feel, plan, and do.”

Arts and Yoga

Arts and Yoga was designed to support children’s emotional self-regulation which includes identification, expression, and control of emotion.

Activities included

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Creating comic strips
  • Digital photo project on facial expression
  • Drawing, sculpting, and painting masks
  • Trip to Children’s Museum of the Arts
  • Yoga in the Park
Search and Discovery

holding handsSearch and Discovery was designed  to support children’s “executive functioning,” which includes planning, attention, and memory.

Activities included

  • Knot tying, building a hammock
  • Compass/map reading & games
  • Orienteering
  • Trust games
  • Codes and Communication
  • Trip to the Intrepid
  • Group adventure challenge in Central Park

Summer 2011 Enrollment:

Enrollment for Summer 2011 is now closed.