Current Projects

ABC PROJECT - The ABC Project aims to understand how a parenting intervention can reduce toxic stress in children from families facing high levels of adversity by partnering with Early Head Start grantees in New York City. Visit the project website.

Tools K -  The Tools K Project seeks to understand how children learn in kindergarten and how they succeed in school. Visit the project website.

CSRP - The aim of the Chicago School Readiness Project is to improve low-income, preschool-aged children's chances of success in school. Visit the project website.

PreK EF - The PreK EF project measures learning and executive function in children and will help validate computer tasks that were once paper and pencil. Visit the project website.

New FAMS - New FAMS is a NSF- funded multi-national project examining the prenatal roots of individual differences in self-regulation. The study examines mothers, fathers, and their children and the ways that families develop in the child’s first two years. Visit the project website.

Tools ELL - The Tools ELL Project focuses on how different teaching practices influence preschool children's early academic development among English language learners

Family Life Project - The Family Life Project seeks to develop a better understanding of how growing up in rural areas might influence the development of children and their families.  In particular, the project is interested in learning about each child’s development along with the diversity of their families experiences, culture, community structure and economic circumstances.