Current Research Projects

FLP: Family Life Project | A study that strives to uncover the developmental mechanisms behind child self-regulation and stress response physiology in rural family, peer, school, and neighborhood contexts.

CSRP: Chicago School Readiness Project |  A control-trial intervention aiming to improve low-income, preschool-aged children's chances of success in school. 

NewFAMS | A study that examines mothers, fathers, and their children and the ways that families develop in the child’s first two years.

ABC Project | A study that examines the role Early Head Start can play in supporting parenting and buffering children from the negative effects of toxic stress.

Tools K | A efficacy trial evaluation of the Tools of the Mind curriculum and seeks to understand how children best learn in kindergarten and succeed in school.*

PreK EF | A study that measures learning and executive function in children and helps validate computer tasks that were once paper and pencil.*

Tools ELL | A study that focuses on how different teaching practices influence preschool children's early academic development among English language learners.*

*denotes project is complete and inactive.