NYU-IES Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Opportunities

NYU's Institute of Human Development and Social Change (IHDSC) in association with faculty from six academic units - Applied Psychology, Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions, Teaching and Learning (Steinhardt); Economics and Sociology (FAS); and the Wagner School of Public Service - was recently awarded a 5-year, $5-million award to train 28 doctoral students from diverse backgrounds to become outstanding researchers in the educational sciences.

This interdisciplinary fellowship program is designed to train the next generation of quantitative educational researchers in methodological techniques developed to more accurately identify educational effects. These techniques include the utilization of randomized experimental designs, quasi-experimental methods, and other statistical approaches appropriate for causal inference and the analysis of multi-level data on students, teachers, schools, and developmental contexts.

Eligibility and Benefits:

2-year fellowships will be awarded to advanced doctoral students and 4-year fellowships to entering doctoral students over the next several years. Applicants must be from one of the six participating academic units listed above and must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Applicants must also be either an incoming or current student. Awarded fellows will receive:

  1. tuition remission
  2. conference travel support
  3. a $30,000 stipend during each academic year of the award
  4. health benefits

It should be noted that this is a highly competitive external award. Students who receive this award need to contact their department'sDirector of Graduate Studies to discuss coordination of funding if they are currently receive other support.


Fellowship activities are designed to complement and enhance existing departmental offerings and facilitate doctoral studies inthe students' home departments. NYU-IES fellows will commit to full participation in the following enhanced training experiences:

  1. Attendance at the weekly IES pro-seminar colloquium series (Mondays, 12-1:30)
  2. 20 hour per week involvement during the academic year in a research apprenticeship training opportunity provided by either:
    1. any one of the participating “IES predoctoral training program affiliate” faculty members (listed below)
    2. one of NYU's collaborating research institutions (the Institute for Education and Social Policy or the Institute for Human Development and Social Change) or
    3. one of the initiative's two key program partners (MDRC and the emerging Research Alliance for New York City Schools)
  3. For entry-level doctoral students, future enrollment in advanced statistical and interdisciplinary coursework recommended by their faculty advisor and appropriate to their specific discipline as well as 2 courses in the IES Fellowship Program's “quantitative core”
  4. Commitment to writing a dissertation on a question relevant to education policy or practice with methods that permit causal inference
  5. Participation in other supplemental professional development activities (such as national conference participation) in preparation for tenure-track academic/research jobs and for grant-writing

To Apply:

2-year fellowships

To apply for a 2-year fellowship beginning in academic year 2011-2012, candidates should submit the following materials via mail by February 2th to:

IES Fellowship Selection Committee
c/o Claudette Carter/ Program Coordinator
Institute of Human Development and Social Change
New York University
246 Greene Street, Room 616E, New York, NY 10003

E-mail: claudette.carter@nyu.edu

Applications should include:

  1. 1- to 2-page statement of interest.
    This statement will be evaluated using the following criteria:
    1. The extent to which the applicant makes a compelling case for his/her interest in education.
    2. The applicant's plan to use quantitative methods that permit causal inference.
    3. The clarity and depth of the applicant's interdisciplinary focus.
  2. Letter of recommendation from faculty advisor.
  3. Letter of commitment from one of the participating “NYU-IES affiliate” faculty listed on below indicating their agreement to mentor the applicant in the completion of a research apprenticeship.
  4. Curriculum Vitae, including listing of research experience, related experience in education, publications, honors or awards
  5. Writing Sample.
  6. Listing of GRE test scores and transcripts (this information will be verified by the department); and
  7. 1-page discussion of dissertation plans that demonstrate pursuit of a question relevant to education policy or practice with methods that permit causal inference.

Decisions will be made by March 1st.

4-year fellowships

Eligible applicants for 4-year fellowships are nominated by program-affiliated faculty from participating departments during the admissions process. Strong candidates will be those that demonstrate clear commitment to the goals of the fellowship in their application materials to their respective departments. To apply for a 4-year fellowship, we recommend that you make your interest in the IES-PIRTfellowship program clear in your application materials to the department to which you are applying.

For more information, please contact
Claudette Carter (212)-992-7673 or claudette.carter@nyu.edu.

All are strongly encouragedto contact IHDSC or their department or faculty advisors prior to submission.

IES Training Grant Program - Participating Faculty