What to Expect on your Home Visit

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Researchers will come to your home up to three times over the course of one year. Each visit will last approximately 2 hours. Through games and activities, we will measure your child’s ability to pay attention, manage their own emotions and behavior, and responsiveness to others. In addition, we measure their physiological responses to the world around them; to do that, we will collect information similar to what is collected at a doctor’s visit.

Saliva will be collected using cotton swabs at several points during the session. The cotton swab will be placed in the child’s mouth by the researcher and held until saturated. Saliva will be collected to determine the child’s hormone levels at time of collection.

We will also place stickers on your child’s chest that will allow us to measure their heartbeat during some of the activities. These stickers will transmit the child’s heartbeat to a nearby computer.

Parents will be asked to do some activities with their child and fill out some questionnaires regarding their lives and the services they currently receive.