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The Economic Policy Institute Series on Alternative Teacher Compensation Systems: An Overview

Sean Corcoran

Staff Education Research Staff Association/National Associaton of Professional Bargainers conference
Portland, OR
December 1-3, 2009

Advancing Rigor and Quality of Education Cost Analysis in the United States
Sean Corcoran

Ford Foundation New York, NY
November 20, 2009

Educational Funding Mechanisms and Student Outcomes
Sean Corcoran 

Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM)
Washington, D.C.
Novemeber 5, 2009

The NYC Aspiring Principal's Program: A School-level Evaluation
Sean Corcoran

Metropolitan Council for Educaional Administration Program (MCEAP)
Bank Street College New York, NY
October 30, 2009  

The Gender Gap in Charter School Attendance
Sean Corcoran

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National Center on School Choice
2009 Annual Conference
October 27, 2009

New Leaders, New Schools: A study of principal turnover and academic achievement at new high schools in New York City 
Meryle Weinstein, Robin Jacobowitz, Todd Ely, Kate Landon and Amy Ellen Schwartz

 Education Finance Research Consortium
 Presented by Meryle Weinstein
 October 23, 2009

The New York City Aspiring Principals Program: A School-Level Evaluation
Sean Corcoran, Amy Ellen Schwartz and Meryle Weinstein

 Consortium for Research on Educational Accountability and Teacher Evaluation
 National Evaluation Institute
 Presented by Meryle Weinstein
 October 9, 2009
 Louisville, KY

 The Impact of Title I Funding on School Spending and Student Achievement
 Meryle Weinstein, Leanna Stiefel, Amy Ellen Schwartz and Luis Chalico

  International Atlantic Economic Society
  Presented by Leanna Stiefel
  October 8, 2009
Boston, MA

The Impact of Title I Funding on School Spending and Student Achievement
Meryle Weinstein, Leanna Stiefel, Amy Ellen Schwartz and Luis Chalico

Presented at the following conferences:

NCES Summer Data Conference
School Finance Track
Presented by Meryle Weinstein
July 30, 2009
Washington, DC

21st Annual Conference of the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management
Presented by Leanna Stiefel
September 24, 2009
Washington, DC 

Immigrants and Inequality in Public Schools
Amy Ellen Schwartz and Leanna Stiefel

Brookings Russell Sage Prepared for Project on Social Inequality and Educational Disadvantage
Presented by Amy Ellen Schwartz
September 24, 2009
Washington, DC 

How Students Living in NYC Public Housing Fare in School

On May 27, more than 45 private funders attended "Quality Youth Services in Public Housing Community Centers" at the Philanthropy New York offices. This joint presentation with the New York City Youth Funders Network, the Independence Community Foundation, The Wallace Foundation, and the New York Life Foundation featured a presentation on "How Students Living in NYC Public Housing Fare in School" by Dr. Amy Ellen Schwartz of IESP.

For more information on this event, click here.

2009 American Education Finance Association Annual Conference (AEFA)

The Institute for Education and Social Policy recently presented at the American Education Finance Association Annual Conference, held in Nashville from March 19- 21, 2009. Presentations included the following: 

Testing the Convergence Hypothesis in Immigrant Academic Achievement: A Longitudinal Analysis (Poster Session), Costanza Biavaschi, Amy Ellen Schwartz, and Leanna Stiefel  

Effects of School Characteristics on Performance Differential between Foreign and Native-Born High School Students: Lessons from New York City, Luis Chalico

Alternative Equity Reforms in School Finance, Sean Corcoran, Discussant   

Urban School Decentralization and 'Weighted Student Funding, Sean P. Corcoran, Amy Ellen Schwartz, and Leanna Stiefel  

Determinants of School Capital SpendingTodd L. Ely  

The Views of AEFA Members on Issues in Education Finance and Policy, Anne Katherine Rotenberg and Leanna Stiefel 

Public Housing and Public Schools:  How Do Students Living in New York City Public Housing Fare in School?, Brian McCabe and Amy Ellen Schwartz  

Quality Counts: Education Week's Annual Investigation of Education Policy and FinanceLeanna Stiefel  


2009 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting (AERA)

The Institute for Education and Social Policy recently presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, held in San Diego from April 13 - 17, 2009. Presentations included the following: 

Charter Schools and the Gender Gap, Jennifer L. Jennings, Sean P. Corcoran, and Julie Simon Thomas

Opening Democratic Teacher Forums: Small Schools, Graduate Schools, and Alternative Certification Programs, Leslie Santee Siskin

New Frontiers in School Trust ResearchLeslie Santee Siskin, Discussant

Mandating Autonomy: Inside the New Decentralization in New York City Public Schools, Joseph P. McDonald and Leslie Santee Siskin


2008 Institute for Globalization & Education in Metropolitan Settings (IGEMS) Seminar Series 

"Do Immigrants Differ from Migrants? Disentangling the Impact of Mobility on High School Completion and Performance", Amy Ellen Schwartz, IESP


2008 Food for Thought: Language and Literacy Series at NYU                                

"Evaluation of the Cornerstone National Literacy Iniatiative", Christine Donis-Keller, IESP 


2008 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA)

"New Approaches for Analyzing Two Key and Related Issues in Faculty Salaries: Compression and Merit", Sharon L. Weinberg, Research Affiliate, IESP 
"What I Have Learned About Education in NYC", Leanna Stiefel, IESP 
"Why Do Some Teachers Resist Merity Pay? Evidence from Minnesota's  Q Comp Program", Matthew Wiswall, Research Affiliate, IESP 
"How Much Time Do English Language Learners Need to Acquire Proficiency?"
Dylan Conger, George Washington University and Research Fellow, IESP 
"High School Size, Costs, and Student Performance", Amy Ellen Schwartz, IESP 
"Impact and Effectiveness of Alternative Routes and Career Paths of Teachers",  Matthew Wiswall, Research Affiliate, IESP 
"Placing Out-of-School Time in Context: Geography and the Public and Nonprofit Provision of OST Programs in New York City", Meryle Weinstein, IESP 
"The Impact of State Education Accountability Reform on the Distribution of State Aid", Colin Chellman, IESP 
"No Choice but to Choose: Examining Choice Processes and the Small Schools" Sarah Butler Jessen, IESP 
"Conflict, Turbulence, and Polarization: The Politics of District-Level Reform", Patrice Iatarola, Florida State University and Research Fellow, IESP 
"Monitoring Faculty Diversity: The Need for a More Granular Approach"?, Sharon  L. Weinberg, Research Affiliate
"The Effect of High Schools on Race, Gender, and Socioeconomic Disparities in Course-Taking"?Dylan Conger, George Washington University and Research Fellow, IESP & Patrice Iatorola, Florida State University and Research Fellow, IESP
"The 'S' Factor: How Researchers, Methodologists, and Measurement Scholars Build Capacity With a Foundation of Service",?Leanna Stiefel, IESP
"Racial Segregation in Multiethnic Schools: Adding Immigrants to the Analysis"?Ingrid Gould Ellen, Research Affiliate, IESP
"When do Voters Choose School Choice? An Empirical Analysis of the Washington State Charter School Referenda"?Sean P.Corcoran, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, NYU& Research Affiliate, IESP


2008 Annual Meeting of the American Education Finance Association (AEFA) 

"What Goes Into the Recipe for Success? Results of a Study of New Jersey's High Performing Districts", Michele Deegan, Muhlenberg College & IESP Fellow, Leanna Stiefel, IESP, Colin Chellman, IESP
"School Configuration and Test Score Performance of Sixth Grade Students in New York City Public High Schools", Charles Parekh, IESP, Amy Ellen Schwartz, IESP, Leanna Stiefel, IESP
"Can Reorganizing K-8 Education Improve Academic Performance? The Impact of Grade Span on Student Achievement", Ross Rubenstein, Syracuse University and Research Fellow, IESP, Leanna Stiefel, IESP, Amy Ellen Schwartz, IESP
"Does Race Have An Impact on State Education Finance? Evidence from the United States in the 1990s", Colin Chellman, IESP
"Which Schools Matter? Disentangling the Impact of Zoned Schools and Choice Schools on House Prices in New York City", Ioan Voicu, Furman Center, NYU, Amy Ellen Schwartz, IESP
"Determinants of High School Course Offerings: Evidence from Florida", Patrice Iatorola, Florida State University and Research Fellow, IESP, Dylan Conger, George Washington University and Research Fellow, IESP, Mark C. Long, University of Washington
"Do Immigrants Differ from Migrants?  Disentangling the Impact of Mobility on High School Completion and Performance", Dylan Conger, George Washington University and Research Fellow, IESP, Amy Ellen Schwartz, IESP, Leanna Stiefel, IESP
"Volunteering for Merit Pay? Evidence from Minnesota's Q Comp Program", Matthew Wiswall, Research Affiliate, IESP, Carl Nadler, NYU 
"Who Supports School Choice? Evidence from the Washington Charter School Referenda", Sean Corcoran, Research Affiliate IESP, NYU, Christiana Stoddard, Montana State University
"Determinants of OST Location: Do They Locate Near Public Schools with At-Risk Populations?", Meryle Weinstein, IESP



Friday, October 5, 2007
Research Partnership for NYC Schools Conference

CUNY Graduate Center, Elebash Recital Hall

"Why Do some Schools Get More and Others Less? An Examination of School-Level Funding in New York City"
Ross Rubenstein, Amy Ellen Schwartz, and Leanna Stiefel

Friday, October 19, 2007, 9am-1pm
The Education Finance Research Consortium and The New York State Board of Regents
Three Reports on the Condition of New York Schools--Public Forum

The State Museum Theater, Albany, NY

"Student Mobility Among New York City Elementary and Middle School Students: Types of Mobility and Relationships to Performance"
Amy Ellen Schwartz and Leanna Stiefel

October 22-23, 2007, 8am-3pm
"Issues in Education for School Age Children on the Autism Spectrum"
AHA 17th Annual Fall Conference
Eastern Suffolk BOCES, Holbrook, NY

Tuesday, 10/23
"How the New York City Public School System
is responding to the needs of higher functioning children on the autism spectrum"
Dorothy Siegel

November 10 , 2007, 8:45am
"What Else Shapes Public Policy Analysis and Management?"
29th Annual APPAM Research Conference

Washington Marriott Hotel and Embassy Suites Hotel, Washington, DC

"Who's Failing Whom? Recent Immigrants and Urban High Schools"
Leanna Stiefel, Amy Ellen Schwartz, and Dylan Conger (GWU)

November 14 , 2007
Citywide Council on High Schools

"Immigrants, Race and the High School Graduation Gap"
Amy Ellen Schwartz

November 20, 2007, 10am
Southern Economic Association - 77th Annual Meetings
New Orleans Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, LA

"Who Supports School Choice: An Empirical Analysis of the Washington Charter School Referenda"
Sean P. Corcoran and Christiana Stoddard (Montana)
Thomas A. Husted, Discussant

November 28, 2007, 9:45am-12pm
Center for New York City Affairs
Milano, The New School for Management and Urban Policy, New York, NY

"From the Margins to the Mainstream: A Developmental Disabilities Watch Forum"
Dorothy Siegel, Speaker

December 6, 2007, 5:00pm
The Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy
Rudin Forum, Puck Building, 295 Lafayette Street, 2nd Floor

Critical forum on Mitchell Stevens'
"Creating a Class: College Admissions and the Education of Elites"

Respondents: Dalton Conley, University Professor of the Social Sciences, NYU; Mitchell Duneier, Professor of Sociology, Princeton University; Judith Stacey, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis and Sociology, NYU Moderator: Richard Arum, Professor of Sociology, NYU

December 19, 2007
District 2 Community Education Council
333 7th Ave, 7th Floor Conference Room
"Weighted Student Funding and NYC"
Amy Ellen Schwartz