Recent Presentations

IESP at AEFP's 40th Annual Conference in Washington D.C. 

February 26-28, 2015 

Amy Ellen Schwartz "Safe Havens? School Climate and the Impact of Neighborhood Crime on Test Scores" Agustina Laurito, Patrick Sharkey, Johanna Lacoe, and Ingrid Gould Ellen 

Meryle Weinstein "How to be an Entrepreneur: Summer Learning and Youth Development Outside of School" Megan Silander and Michael Chavez Reilly 

Michele Leardo "Read to Work: A Multi-Year Evaluation of the Career and Technical Education Summer Scholars Internship Program in New York City" and Meryle Weinstein 

Emilyn Ruble Whitesell "Rolling Out and Scaling Up: What Happens When a New Program is No Longer New" and Meryle Weinstein 

Leanna Stiefel "Does Integrating Students with Disabilities Change the School Learning Environment?" Menbere Shiferaw, Michael Gottfried and Amy Ellen Schwartz 

Sean Corcoran "High School Choice in New York City: Measures of 'Supply' and Effective Access to Quality Schools" Jennifer Jennings, Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj and Sarah Cohodes 

Sarah Cordes "In Pursuit of the Common Good: The Spillover Effects of Charter Schools on Public School Students in New York City" 

Michah W. Rothbart "Does School Finance Reform Change the Link Between Race and State Aid?" 


IESP at AERA Conference, April 3-7, 2014

The Power of Education Research for Innovation in Practice and Policy Philadelphia, PA 

Successful Schools: How School-Level Factors Influence Success With Urban Advantage. Meryle Weinstein, Emilyn Ruble Whitesell and Michele Leardo. 

The Impact of School Progress Report Grades on School Practices in New York City. Emilyn Ruble Whitesell. 

Pathways to an Elite Education: Application, Admission, and Matriculation to New York City’s Specialized High Schools. Christine Baker-Smith and Sean Patrick Corcoran.


 IESP at  AEFP Conference, March 13-15, 2014

New Players in Education Finance and Policy  San Antonio, TX

The Short Term Impacts of Summer Employment on Academic Performance. Amy Ellen Schwartz, Jacob Leos-Urbel and Megan Silander 

 Public Violence, Public Schools: The Impact of Neighborhood Violence on Academic Performance. Amy Ellen Schwartz, Patrick Sharkey, Ingrid Gould Ellen and Agustina Laurito.

Successful Schools: How School-Level Factors Influence Success With Urban Advantage. Meryle Weinstein, Emilyn Ruble Whitesell and Michele Leardo. 

Teacher Effects on Student Achievement and Height: A Cautionary Tale. Sean Corcoran, Marianne Bitler, Thurston Domina and Emily Penner. 

The Effect of Residential Mobility on Student Performance. Sarah Cordes, Amy Ellen Schwartz and Leanna Stiefel. 

Does School Finance Reform Lead to Racially Neutral Funding?: Examining the Effects of School Finance Reform in New York State. (Poster) Michah W. Rothbart. 

Agree to Disagree? How School Accountability Influences Stakeholders’ Perceptions of the School Environment. Emilyn Ruble Whitesell. 

The Impact of Tuition Increases on Undocumented College Students’ Schooling Decisions. Dylan Conger. 

The Role of Tax-Exempt Debt in Financing Nonprofit Institutions of Higher Education. Todd Ely and Thad Calabrese. 

Why Don’t Housing Choice Voucher Holders Live Near Better Schools? Ingrid Gould Ellen, Keren Mertens Horn and Amy Ellen Schwartz. 

Expansion of AP-Course Classroom and Outcome Implications: The Case of Broward County Public Schools. Patrice Iatarola and Taek Hyung Kim. 

 High School Accountability: Early Evidence from Florida. Patrice Iatarola and Niu Gao

Evaluating the Academic and Behavioral Impact of “School in the Park”. Johanna Lacoe, Gary D. Painter and Danielle Williams. 

The Impact of Hurricane Sandy on Students at the City University of New York. Simon McDonnell, Colin Chellman, Giljae Lee and David Crook.