Leslie Santee Siskin

Research Associate Professor

Leslie Santee Siskin

Phone: (212) 998-5144

Leslie Santee Siskin is a noted sociologist of organizations and organizational change. Her research focuses on high school structuring, restructuring, and reform. She is the author or co-author of several articles and books about high schools, including Realms of Knowledge: Academic Departments in Secondary Schools, The Subjects in Question: Departmental Organization and the High School, and The New Accountability: High Schools and High-stakes Testing. She has been a Fellow at Columbia University and Cambridge University and was Associate Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and at Hofstra before coming to NYU.

Selected Publications

  • The new accountability: High schools and high-stakes testing. (2003). M. Carnoy, R. Elmore, & L. S. Siskin. New York: Routledge. (link)
  • The subjects in question: Departmental organization and the high school. (1995). Siskin & Little, J.W. New York: Teachers College Press. (link)
  • Realms of knowledge: Academic departments in secondary schools. (1994). London and New York: The Falmer Press. (link)
  • "Achievement and attainment: The Comprehensive high school and the problem of reform." (2006). In Crucial Issues in California Education. Berkeley, CA: PACE
  • "Colleagues and 'Yutzes:' Accountability inside schools." (2003). Voices in Urban Education. Spring 2003: 24-31.

Degrees Held

  • Ph.D. Stanford University
  • M.A. Stanford University
  • B.A. Middlebury College


  • 2011 : Fellow, Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce
  • 2005 : Fellow (by competition) University of Cambridge, Centre for Research in the Arts Social Sciences and Humanities
  • 1995 : Critic's Choice Award (for Realms of Knowledge