Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions

Education and Jewish Studies Dual MA: Master's Program

Master of Arts in Education and Jewish Studies and Master of Arts in Hebrew and Judaic Studies

The master's programs are designed to enhance the skills and provide training to teachers and aspiring administrators in Jewish educational settings.

Philanthropists and communal organizations have placed a high priority on the recruitment and retention of well-trained professionals in the field of Jewish education, but institutions still struggle to fill their positions with professionals of the quality they seek.

The program in Education and Jewish Studies, with its academic location in a comprehensive school of culture, education, and human development and its physical location in the center of American Jewish communal life, provides a unique environment for students from all backgrounds to prepare for such careers.

While providing a core of academic, research, and cohort experiences in education, Jewish education, and Judaic studies, the program is also tailored to its students' individual needs and interests. Close and personalized mentoring is provided by faculty from the School of Education and the Skirball Department, as well as by expert practitioners in the field of Jewish education working in the New York City area.

Program Goals and Mission

The dual master's program in Education and Jewish Studies is designed to prepare a new generation of expert, dedicated, and resourceful leaders for the Jewish education enterprise by enhancing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of aspiring Jewish educators and providing specialized training to emerging administrators, practitioners, and researchers working in a wide range of Jewish educational settings. 

Student Learning Outcomes