Sharon L. Weinberg

Professor of Applied Statistics and Psychology

Sharon L. Weinberg

Phone: 212-998-2373

Sharon L. Weinberg is Professor of Applied Statistics and Psychology and former Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs at New York University.  She received an A.B. degree in mathematics and a Ph.D. degree in psychometrics and research design methodology from Cornell University. Dr. Weinberg has authored over sixty articles, books, and reports on statistical methodology, statistical education, evaluation, and on such applied areas as clinical and school psychology, special education, and higher education. She is the recipient of several major grants from Federal agencies, including the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Drug Abuse, and the Office of Educational Research and Improvement. Her current textbook, Statistics Using SPSS: An Integrative Approach, co-authored with former graduate student Sarah Knapp Abramowitz, and published by Cambridge University Press, is in its second edition. Her most recent book, Diversity in American Higher Education: Toward a More Comprehensive Approach, co-edited with NYU colleague Lisa Stulberg, was published in June, 2011 by Routledge Press.

She currently is Chair of the Board of the Jewish Foundation for Education of Women (JFEW), a foundation with an endowment of $80 million that supports financially needy women pursue their educational goals in undergraduate and graduate degree programs with scholarships, internships, and other program enhancements. She is a member of the President's Council of Cornell Women, where she has chaired its Development and University Relations Committees, and is a member of the Cornell University Council.  Dr. Weinberg has served as President of the Special Interest Group of Educational Statisticians of the American Educational Research Association, a member of the Board of Directors of the Classification Society, and an elected member of the Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychologists. She is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Educational Researcher, the  journal of the American Educational Research Association.  She is the recipient of Steinhardt’s Great Teachers Award and has twice received Steinhardt’s Daniel Griffith’s Award for Research.



Selected Presentations

Degrees Held

  • A.B. Cornell University
  • M.A. Cornell University
  • Ph.D. Cornell University


  • Daniel Griffiths Award for Distinguished Research
  • NYU Steinhardt Teaching Excellence Award


  • RESCH-GE 2001 - Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences I
  • RESCH-GE 2002 - Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences II
  • RESCH-GE 2003 - Intermediate Quantitative Methods -- The General Linear Model
  • RESCH-GE 2004 - Advanced Quantitative Methods

Selected Publications

  • Weinberg, S. L., & Scott, M. A. (2013). The impact of uncapping of mandatory retirement on postsecondary institutions. Educational Researcher. 42 (6), 338-348.
  • Scott, M., Shrout, P., & Weinberg, S.L. (2013). Multilevel model notation: Establishing the commonalities. The Sage Handbook of Multilevel Modeling. Edited by Marc Scott, Jeff Simonoff, & Brian Marx. Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications, Inc. 20 pp.
  • Weinberg, S. L. (November 17, 2011). Book Review, Uneducated Guesses: Using Evidence to Uncover Misguided Education Policies by H. Wainer. Teachers College Record. http://www.tcrecord.org ID Number: 16605
  • Stulberg, L. S., & Weinberg, S. L. (2011) (Eds.) Diversity in American Higher Education: Toward a More Comprehensive Approach. New York: Routledge, 285 pp.
  • Weinberg, S.L. (2010). New approaches for analyzing two key and related issues in faculty salaries: Compression and cost of living. IR Applications: Using Advanced Tools, Techniques, & Methodologies, 26, 1-16.
  • Weinberg, S. L. (2008). Measuring faculty diversity: The need for a more granular approach. The Journal of Higher Education, 79(4), 365-387.
  • Weinberg, S.L. & Abramowitz, S. (2008). Statistics Using SPSS: An Integrative Approach (second edition). London: Cambridge University Press, 780 pp.
  • Weinberg, S.L. (2006). Grade inflation: An examination at the institutional level. In Sawilowsky, S. (Ed.) Real Data Analysis. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, Inc.
  • Tomasi, S. & Weinberg, S.L. (1999). Classifying children as learning disabled: An analysis of current practice in an urban setting. Learning Disability Quarterly, 22, 31-42.
  • Weinberg, S. L. & Menil, V. (1993). The Recovery of Structure in Linear and Ordinal Data: INDSCAL Versus ALSCAL. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 28, 215-233.

Research Interests

  • Statistics Education
  • Faculty Diversity
  • Higher Education
  • Applied Statistics
  • Evaluation