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Welcome to NYU Steinhardt’s Department of the Humanities & Social Sciences in the Professions (HMSS)!  We are primarily devoted to the discipline-based study of education and other institutions, processes, and policies. The bulk of our faculty--including economists, historians, philosophers, political scientists, and sociologists--investigate urgent social trends and questions in the United States and throughout the world.

At the undergraduate level, our students explore education from a liberal-arts perspective through our Education Studies Major and our Global and Urban Education Studies Minor

At the graduate level, students receive skills-based training in the department’s represented disciplines, which the students apply in three broad areas: international comparative studies, social and cultural analysis, and policy study and evaluation. Our different programs are united by a global orientation and a special concern for policy-relevant inquiry. 

We offer Master’s degrees in

We offer Doctoral degrees in

HMSS is also home to a group of applied statisticians/psychometricians who develop new techniques and employ cutting-edge methodology to help researchers in applied settings to answer interesting and nuanced questions in rigorous ways.  These scholars conduct research in the Center for the Promotion of Research Involving Innovative Statistical Methodology (PRIISM).

In addition, HMSS offers a wide array of Interdepartmental Research courses to train students across the university in several different modes of research methodology.

I hope to welcome you soon!

James W. Fraser
Professor Education and History
Department Chair

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