Undergraduate Honors

Upperclass Honors: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

The Steinhardt Honors Program offers opportunities for enriched study, travel, and leadership development for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and connects our students to NYU-wide honors opportunities.

For Sophomores

Sophomores develop their skills as leaders by participating in an exclusive leadership seminar, How to Change the World: The Steinhardt Sophomore Honors Seminar.

Another opportunity for sophomores who have a cumulative 3.5 G.P.A. or better is to apply for the Dean's Global Honors Seminars. Participation in a Dean's Global Honors Seminar is a competitive process and students are selected on the basis of outstanding records of academic achievement, leadership, and service. Students may only participate in one DGHS course while enrolled in the Steinhardt School.

Steinhardt Sophomore Honors Seminar: How to Change the World

Based on three pillars of experiental learning -- exploration, collaboration, and engagement – this 2-credit honors course will introduce you to various pathways for personal and professional achievement. As a participant in How to Change the World, you and your peers, from majors across Steinhardt, will examine strengths and limitations of a range of strategies that individuals and groups use to effect change in various domains – academic, humanitarian, social, artistic, educational, entrepreneurial, and cultural. You will learn to build skills to effect change in your chosen academic, artistic, and/or professional field.

You will conduct individual and group self-assessments and interest inventories; identify and cultivate mentoring relationships in your chosen field of study; and examine and practice leadership in both traditional and non-traditional modes. You will have opportunity to meet with a distinguished roster of guest speakers, construct learning activities, and engage in field visits to complement the on-campus experience.  A sample syllabus is available here.

How to Change the World is offered during Fall and Spring semesters. Students with a 3.5 GPA or higher are invited to apply.

University Leadership Honors Course

The University Leadership Honors Course (ULHC, 2 credits) focuses on high-achieving sophomores who might be strong candidates for prestigious national and international post-graduate fellowships, scholarships, and leadership programs.

The course is team-taught and combines readings, discussions, interactive sessions, self-assessment tools with specially arranged meetings with top-level leaders, and academics who will share their insights on the nature and skills of effective leadership, professional growth, communications, and self-awareness. Application is competitive.

NYU Leadership Initiative

The NYU Leadership Initiative integrates scholarly research, undergraduate- and graduate-level courses, and co-curricular activities across the University and multiple disciplines to offer a world-class, comprehensive leadership hub and programming for NYU students, faculty, administrators and alumni. Our mission is to prepare students as ethical and inclusive leaders who have a profound impact as global citizens.

Other Honors Opportunities

Undergraduate Challenge Grants for Research/Creative Projects

Dean's Honor Roll (Dean's List)

Departmental Honors

Graduating Student Awards and Honors, including Latin Honors