Undergraduate Honors

Freshman Year Honors

Freshman Scholars are selected to participate in the Steinhardt Honors Program based on an outstanding high school record of academic achievement, leadership, and service. They are expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and to participate actively in all honors activities.

Dean's Global Honors Seminar

The Dean's Global Honors Seminar is the centerpiece of the undergraduate honors program during freshman year. These seminars combine a semester-long, credit-bearing course at NYU's founding campus in New York City with a research-oriented, international travel component lasting 7-10 days. 

You may participate in one of the Fall semester seminars, which include January travel, or one of the Spring semester seminars, which include travel during NYU's spring break in March. 

Fall 2016
  • Introduction to Global Issues in Nutrition: Malnutrition in a Global Perspective, Accra, Ghana, Professor Domingo Pinero
  • Space and Place in Human Communication, Tel Aviv, Israel, Professor David Clinton Willis
Spring 2017
  • Introduction to Education Policy, London, UK, Professor Erin O' Connor
  • The Global Culture Wars, London, UK, Professor James Fraser

For full details, see the Dean's Global Honors Seminar website.

Social and Cultural Activities

Freshman honors students also meet as a group throughout the academic year for special events and social and cultural activities.