Graduate Student Organization

Department Representatives

Department Representatives are the link between the students in their department and the Graduate Student Organization (GSO). They have two major responsibilities:

  1. Attend a monthly Graduate Student Town Hall Meeting.  Department Representatives must come to the monthly Town Hall meeting in order to be eligible to receive funds for their department.  

  2. Determine the use of dedicated department funds. These funds can be used to further the professional development of students and to foster community within the department. 

 Event Funding Form

Departments seeking GSO sponsorship or reimbursement must fill out the event funding form and submit to GSO at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Click here to access the event funding form as well as instructions on how to be reimbursed.

Steinhardt GSO Department Representatives 

Administration, Leadership & Technology

The Department of Administration, Leadership, and Technology (ALT) prepares leaders, multimedia specialists, researchers, teaching faculty, and trainers for schools, colleges, nonprofit agencies, and business settings. Our programs lead to master’s and doctoral degrees and the Certificate of Advanced Study. Courses of study address the needs of the increasingly diverse clientele served by urban institutions. Our students acquire knowledge and expertise to be effective leaders in a variety of educational settings. They think critically about how organizations function. They learn to identify the needs of the individuals they will serve. They develop technological competence and appropriate research and evaluation skills to promote equitable, humane, and effective educational practice in their chosen fields.

Applied Psychology

NYU Steinhardt's Department of Applied Psychology mission is to prepare students to understand and intervene in human development across contexts and cultures. Our faculty conducts research using multifaceted strategies. We draw on our experiences in practice to help guide the work that we undertake.

Art & Art Professions

Located in New York's East Village, the Department of Art and Art Professions serves as a vibrant site for artistic experimentation and intellectual exchange. The Department draws upon a faculty of acclaimed artists, scholars, and critics. It offers programs and courses that integrate technical skills with theoretical understanding within the context of a world-class university setting. 

Communicative Sciences & Disorders

The field of Communicative Sciences and Disorders (also known as Speech and Hearing Sciences or Speech-Language Pathology) is dedicated to understanding how people communicate. Professionals treat individuals across the lifespan with communication disorders resulting from hearing loss, autism, cerebral palsy, cleft palate, stroke, traumatic brain injury, as well as neurological diseases. Clinicians work in hospitals or rehabilitation facilities, schools, or private practice.

Applied Statistics, Social Science, & Humanities

The Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities includes disciplines and modes of inquiry that provide strong intellectual and cultural foundations for the study of the professions in modern life. Previously, the programs and faculty that now comprise this department were scattered throughout the school. With the support of the school's faculty and administration, we are now one unit better able to achieve our dual purpose of providing disciplinary and research course work for students in other parts of the school, while also preparing students within our own departments for positions leading to research and teaching in colleges and universities, in government, and in other service organizations both nationally and internationally.


Music & Performing Arts Professions

The Steinhardt School's Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions at NYU offers the highest level of professional training in the performing arts within the world’s cultural center, New York City. This is matched by the superb academic resources of a world-class university. Undergraduates receive intensive and systematic training in their specialization with acclaimed faculty along with a broad liberal arts education. Graduate students receive specialized academic training; lessons, performances, and master classes aimed at advancing their artistic goals; and advanced research opportunities in new and sophisticatedfacilities.

Nutrition, Food Studies, & Public Health

The Department of Nutrition and Food Studies recognizes the fundamental importance of food and nutrition to human well-being and pleasure.   Our students gain practical expertise through innovative coursework that addresses 21st century needs and developments by drawing on the connections between what we consume and how we live.  Graduates are prepared for diverse careers in non-profit, academia and business. 

Occupational Therapy

The Department of Occupational Therapy in New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development is committed to the development of outstanding, ethical practitioners, leaders, scholars, and researchers in the field of occupational therapy who are prepared to respond to society's ever-changing needs. 

Physical Therapy 

The mission of the Physical Therapy Program of New York University is: 1) to educate professional doctoral physical therapists who are knowledgeable, self-assured, adaptable, reflective, humanistic, and service-oriented and who, by virtue of critical thinking, life-long learning, and ethical values, render independent judgments concerning patient/client needs; and 2) to educate post-professional physical therapists as advanced clinicians, researchers, and educators who are capable of discovering and applying new knowledge about physical therapy and relating physical therapy theory to practice. The mission of the Department is also to draw upon the resources of the largest private University in the United States with its rich academic environment, diverse cultural community, and connection to health facilities representing all aspects of physical therapy service delivery.

Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning faculty and students see themselves as teachers and researchers on the front lines of the battle to revitalize urban education. The mission of the Department of Teaching and Learning is teacher education, preparing our students to meet the challenges of teaching and leadership in today’s demanding educational environment.