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Steinhardt Graduate Student Clubs

Steinhardt Graduate Student Clubs 

Advocates for Cultural Engagement 

GSO Club Representatives:

The mission of the ACE is to create awareness of arts and cultural issues at the local, state and national levels. To achieve this goal, ACE encourages action within the NYU community, collaborates with other student groups and appeals to government representatives.


Association of Student Affairs Professionals

GSO Club Representatives:  

The Association of Student Affairs Professionals (ASAP) at New York University is an organization for primarily Higher Education and Student Affairs graduate students and alumni in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. The Association serves as the official graduate assembly and as such is committed to enhancing the experiences of current students, faculty and alumni of the Higher Education and Student Affairs program. The Association provides educational, professional and social opportunities encouraging and enhancing professional growth and development. The Association strives to facilitate the assimilation of new members to the New York University community, as well as New York City. The Association works as an advocate on behalf of its members and the Higher Education and Student Affairs program. Furthermore, the Association seeks to create a cohesive and lasting experience that will positively impact its members and alumni for years to come.


Food Studies Grad Society

GSO Club Representative: 

 The Food Studies Grad Society's purpose is to provide support to students of the Food Studies master's program at New York University with the intent of creating a greater sense of community within the degree program. This club will hold regular meetings and events to keep students engaged and informed of school, department, research, and professional opportunities.  


Human Development & Social Interventions (HDSI) Graduate Society

GSO Club Representative: 

The HDSI Grad Society's purpose is to provide support to students enrolled in the HDSI Master's program at NYU. This club holds regular informational meetings and informal events to help keep students informed about degree requirements, research- and school-related opportunities, and also to promote a sense of community within our degree program.


International Education Student Board 

GSO Club Representative: 

 The mission of the International Education Student Board (IESB) is to create a unified community across our student body.  We aim to provide educational, social, and academic opportunities that will enrich the graduate experience in the International Education Program.  Through this commitment, we hope to foster the exchange of knowledge and cross-cultural understanding.  We aim to continue building lasting relationships between faculty, alumni, and current students.

Journal of Student Affairs (JoSA) 

GSO Club Representatives: 

 The Journal of Student Affairs at New York University publishes articles dealing with student development, professional development, administrative concerns, and ground-breaking initiatives to improve student services. It is managed by students in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program at NYU.


MCC MA Student Association

GSO Club Representatives: 

The mission of MASA is to represent the graduate student community at Steinhardt's department of Media, Culture, and Communication, both within the school and at the university. Along with student advocacy, it also hopes to provide opportunities for academic and professional development, and build a student community within the department through social engagement.



Musicians as Healers 

GSO Club Representatives: 

 Musicians as Healters is a student run organization dedicated to raising awareness of the music therapy field by facilitating interactive, educational event promoting the profession and its significance.  

Society of Women in Technology (SWITCH) 

GSO Club Representatives: 

The Society of Women In TeCHnology (SWITCH) is a student run club for women technology students at NYU, both graduate and undergraduate. SWITCH empowers women to succeed in technology related fields, be it academic or professional, with an emphasis on music technology and the industry and arts professions. (SWITCH) is made up of engineers, scientists, artists, musicians, educators and music industry professionals who strive to inspire and learn from one and other. Through SWITCH, women are given an opportunity to network, collaborate, and share ideas.

Steinhardt Black Graduate Student Association (SBGSA)

GSO Club Representatives: 

 The mission of the Steinhardt Black Graduate Student Association (SBGSA) is to create a safe space and community within Steinhardt. We seek to fellowship with members and allies of the African American/Black community who are graduate students at Steinhardt. Furthermore, we wish to affect change within our community and that begins by working with other members of our community within the various graduate schools we reside in. This association will serve as a space that not only brings us together, but also a planning space to host events, speaker series, socials, etc. that brings awareness to the injustices affecting the Black community as well as the accomplishments. Through this mission we hope to strengthen our community and to build together for united we stand and divided we fall.

Steinhardt Graduate Composers

GSO Club Representatives: 

 Steinhardt Graduate Composers promote and advocate for performance and recording of new works by NYU Steinhardt Graduate Composers within the organization.


Student Counseling Association

GSO Club Representative: 

 The purpose of the Student Counseling Association (SCA) is to keep all counseling graduate students informed of program specific and graduate wide social events, to connect students to professional development and research opportunities, and to link students to counseling and/or psychology academic life. The club serves as a platform where students can engage in a dialogue with the mental health and school counseling programs and the psychology field at large. The SCA also creates a supportive environment for students in our mentorship programs, where both student and faculty mentors can share their experiences and help guide student professional development. Finally, the SCA supports students’ social and emotional transitions from the program and into their careers. 

Therapy Collective

GSO Club Representatives: 

 The mission of the Therapy Collective shall be to bring together Steinhardt graduate students enrolled in therapeutic programs (art, drama, music, counseling, speech, occupational and physical therapy) in order to network, collaborate, and share our diverse approaches to helping patients and clients. 


Become a Steinhardt GSO Sponsored Club

To become recognized as a Steinhardt GSO Sponsored Club you must follow these procedures:

  • Have a club advisor who is a staff, member, administrator or faculty member.
  • Construct and submit a club constitution
  • A mission statement clearly stating the purpose of the club
  • Have at least five (5)  members
  • Submit the above information to the Steinhardt GSO Executive Board Office on the 3rd Floor of Pless Hall, 82 Washington Square East.

Upon approval, Steinhardt GSO will instruct you, via email, to register with Center for Student, activities, Leadership and Service (CSALS). The club registration form can be found here. Please see the registration application for more information, including important deadlines. 

Please bring a copy of your completed CSALS form to Nija Leocadio, Advisor, Pless Hall, 2nd floor.

The GSO Treasurer will explain the procedure for requesting funds once your club is registered. Please note that clubs MUST attend monthly GSO Town Hall meetings in order to obtain funds.

Returning School Clubs: Must Re-Register each year with CSALS

The NYU Center for Student Activities, Leadership & Service requires that clubs re-register each year. More information here.

Event Funding Form

Clubs seeking GSO sponsorship or reimbursement must fill out the event funding form and submit it to GSO at least 2 weeks prior to the event they would like to hold.  Please drop it off at our office: Pless 340B, inside the Student Lounge.

Click here to acces the event funding form as well as instructions on how to be reimbursed.