Graduate Application Guide

Occupational Therapy (OTHS-DPS)

This program is no longer active. It has been replaced by the OTD in Occupational Therapy

Advance your knowledge and career as a practicing occupational therapist. In this doctor of professional studies program, you will build a foundation of critical analysis, evidence-based practice, ethics, and theory, preparing to deliver, present, and collaborate with professionals to provide high-quality care. Choose between two areas of advanced clinical specialization: pediatrics and upper quadrant.

Academic Plan Code: OTHS

Degree: DPS

Credits: 36

Academic Load: The time it takes for you to complete this program will vary, based on if you study full-time or part-time and the number of credits you register for each semester. Please be aware that some programs do not offer a part-time option. 

Application Deadlines
Spring: N/A
Summer: N/A
Fall: N/A

Program Information
Website | 212-998-5580