Graduate Application Guide

Special Instructions for All International Applicants

NYU Steinhardt welcomes applications from international students for admission to our graduate programs. We enroll students from 67 different countries, and nearly 1,000 of our students come from countries outside of the US. Learn more about our international student community and find out about resources and events

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you're an international applicant. 

Transcripts and Degree Information | Proficiency in English | Financial Aid | Visa Information

Apply On Time

Because additional mailing time and processing are required for international credentials, you should have all application materials in our office by the appropriate application deadline.

Transcripts and Degree Information

You must have the equivalent of a US bachelor's degree to be considered for admission. Candidates holding an artist diploma may be considered for the music performance, music theory, or composition programs.

As part of your application, you are required to submit one transcript in the original language and one notarized English translation for each post-secondary school attended.

In determining what items to submit, please understand that the Admissions Committee must be able to review four elements related to your prior studies: (1) the courses taken as part of your studies; (2) the grades received for those courses; (3) the actual degree or title conferred; and (4) the date the degree was conferred or awarded.

Due to accrediting and internship requirements, applicants to the MS in Nutrition and Dietetics (HOND) who have non-US credentials must present a course-by-course evaluation of their international credentials along with their completed application. To do this, NYU Steinhardt recommends using World Education Services (WES)

Proficiency in English

The ability to communicate effectively in English is crucial to success at NYU Steinhardt. Our goal is to ensure our graduate students are successful in their academic program and in any fieldwork they must complete, therefore, all candidates are assessed at two stages during the enrollment process.

Stage 1: Application Requirement 

NYU Steinhardt requires official scores from one of the following English language exams to be received in the Office of Graduate Admissions by the application deadline.

    • Test of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TOEFL), scores are valid for two years from the date taken. Successful candidates typically score a 100 on the Internet based exam or 600 on the paper based exam. Send official scores from ETS to NYU Steinhardt using institution code 2556. A department code is not required. Please ensure 2556 is listed as your "Designated Score Recipient" 
    • The International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Official scores are valid for two years from the date taken. Successful candidates typically achieve a band score of 7. Send official scores from IELTS to NYU Steinhardt by selecting New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development as a score recipient. 
    • Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic). Official scores are valid for two years from the date taken. Successful candidates typically score a 68 to 70. Send official scores from PTE Academic to NYU Steinhardt by selecting New York University, NYU Steinhardt-Graduate Admissions as a score recipient.

Applicants whose native language is not English and who did not receive the equivalent of a four-year US undergraduate education from an institution where English is the sole and official language of instruction are required to submit official exam scores from one of the exams. There is no preference as to which exam you take.

Applicants holding or completing a graduate degree from an English-speaking institution are still required to submit official exam scores if their graduate education was fewer than four years in duration.

This English proficiency exam requirement cannot be waived. If your scores have expired before you apply, you must retake the exam.

Although we have indicated benchmark  scores above, we do not use minimums or cut offs. All components of your application are reviewed together as a whole. If you submit scores from more than one of the exams all of your scores will be available to the Admissions Committee, however, Committees typically consider your highest score.

The Admissions Committee reserves the right to require any candidate, regardless of country of citizenship, to submit results from an English language exam prior to rendering a decision if they believe proficiency in English is an area of concern.

If you are required to submit the results of an English language exam you must submit your results in two formats

1. An official score report must be sent to Graduate Admissions from the testing agency

2. A copy of your score report must be uploaded into the online application. Since this is an unofficial report for informational purposes only, web printouts or screenshots can be uploaded, as long as we can read the scores and your name.

Stage 2: Post-admission assessment using NYU ALI English Language Proficiency Exam

If you are offered admission to NYU Steinhardt, you will be required to take the NYU ALI English Proficiency Exam at NYU’s American Language Institute (ALI). You will be charged a fee on the day of the exam. For more information, call 212-998-7040 or email

You may be exempted from the exam if English is your first language or if you graduated from a college or university where English was the language of instruction. Submitting your TOEFL score during the application process does not exempt you from having to take the ALI English Proficiency Exam. Obtaining a specific score on the TOEFL also does not exempt you from taking the exam. Your academic department may require you to take the exam regardless of your English proficiency.

The ALI English Proficiency Exam is a two-part exam, and you will receive your results after you complete it. Exam results are used as an additional tool to assess English language abilities beyond the TOEFL. In programs where English language skills are especially critical, students are expected to comply with ALI recommendations. In other programs where English language skills are less essential to beginning study, faculty and advisers use the ALI recommendations to make individual determinations about the need for additional English language study in accordance with the demands and expectations of the program, your career goals, and fieldwork and clinical settings.

Based on your level of achievement on the TOEFL and the ALI English Proficiency Exam, your program may require you to take additional English coursework at NYU ALI during your first semester. Please note that English-language study may increase the overall cost and time it takes for you to complete your degree.

Financial Aid

NYU Steinhardt encourages international applicants to investigate scholarship support offered by their home country to support their studies at NYU.

Master's and advanced certificate applicants who are not US citizens or permanent residents are not eligible for federal financial aid and typically do not receive consideration for school-based financial aid.

Full-time doctoral applicants, regardless of country of citizenship, will receive consideration for scholarships, fellowships, and assistantships.

Visa Information

Once you are admitted, you will apply for an I-20 to receive an F1 student visa with your acceptance package. Financial documentation is necessary when applying for a visa. Financial documents should NOT be submitted with your application for admission.

All international applicants wishing to obtain an F1 student visa should list "New York University" as the "expected visa sponsor" on your graduate admissions application. When completing your application, please be sure to use your full, legal name as it appears on your passport. The use of any other names, such as nicknames, will cause serious delays in applying for your US visa. All international applicants must have an international address as their permanent address. The US government mandates that you include a permanent, international address to receive your visa.

Please be prepared to pay additional fees for processing your I-20 from NYU and your student visa from the U.S. government. Heightened security measures may result in delays in processing your I-20 and your student visa requests. Please apply for these credentials as soon as possible, using overnight and express mail wherever possible.

More information on what you should do after being admitted to NYU is available on the Office of Global Services Pre-Arrival website.