What is the procedure for undergraduates to substitute another course for a prescribed requirement?

An undergraduate substitution form is used when an advisor would like to request official permission to make substitutions for required courses. The 2000 level courses are open only to graduate students.

Undergraduate substitution forms are available from the Office of Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Undergraduate Advisement and Registration Services, Joseph and Violet Pless Hall, 2nd floor, (212) 998-5065;5053;9031, Mail Code: 4321. The completed form with required signatures should be returned to this office.

Approved substitution forms will be filed with the University Registrar's Office, Degree Audit division, Fairchild Building, 7 E. 12th Street, 4th floor and posted to the student's SIS (Student Information Systems) record (not the transcript). Copies of the approved form will be sent to the program advisor and student. The Office of Advisement and Registration Services will retain another copy.