How do I find an research mentor for my Honors project?

Your first step should be to identify an area of psychology in which you are interested, and then to find an advisor who has expertise in that area. Your advisor will need to be a full-time faculty member in the Department of Applied Psychology. Thus, looking through descriptions of Applied Psychology full-time faculty members' research (available on the Applied Psychology website) will help you narrow down your interests and ensure that your interests match those of potential research mentors.

Keep in mind that faculty members limit the number of students they mentor, so it is important to think ahead and contact potential research mentors as soon as possible. Before asking a faculty member to serve as your research mentor, it is important that you start to build a relationship with him/her. Most students begin by volunteering on the faculty member's research team. This familiarizes the student with the research process, and acquaints the faculty member with the student.

Remember that in exchange for mentoring you through your Honors project, your research mentor will likely expect you to dedicate a set number of hours each week to assisting with his/her research projects.