Where do Media, Culture, and Communication MA graduates go?

Approximately 20 percent of Media, Culture, and Communication MA students intend to continue their scholarship as PhD students. Approximately 80 percent of our MA students intend to take their in-depth study of culture and communication theory and pursue jobs in a variety of industries; including TV, publishing, education, printing, digital media, etc. This MA degree is theory-driven and non-vocational and its methodologies/approaches are akin to study in the social sciences. The MA is grounded in serious scholarly inquiry and focuses on theoretical means to explore human culture and communication. There are several applied, graduate-level DCC classes available which may prepare students for some post-MA work environments. The department's extensive internship opportunities offer access to the communication industries located in NYC and this type of preparation often paves the way to entry-level work within the communication industry. The deep, interdisciplinary investigation of culture and communication is, of course, rigorous, and relevant to the human condition; and is satisfying as a course of continued study. The student will need to translate the relevance of this MA's coursework (theoretical as it is) to future employers.