What M.A. track is best for me?

The Dance Education Program offers three curricular tracks of study culminating at the M.A. level. All three tracks share an identical sequence of core courses: Methods & Materials, Improvisation, Composition/Teaching Performance, Technique & Pedagogy, Laban Movement Analysis, Research in Dance Education and Seminar in Dance Education. These core courses are augmented by additional requirements specific to each track as well as selected elective courses.
  • Teaching Dance K-12 + Teacher Certification (48 points): For students who wish to attain additional credentials that allow them to teach dance in public schools. These students will complete all requirements for NY State Certification in Dance K-12. Reciprocity with other states is available. International students now have the option to be credentialed. Sometimes, students who do not wish to teach in schools full-time, but who wish to develop artist-in-resident programs or after-school programs choose to complete this credential. This is a highly rigorous track with many out-of-program course requirements. Graduates of this track are highly sought after for admission into doctoral programs and for teaching in higher education. Students who do envision moving from a K-12 career to a higher education career are encouraged to complete two additional courses in lieu of electives.
  • Teaching Dance K-12 (34 points): For the in-service educator who has more than one full-time year of teaching dance on a Initial Dance Certification in K-12 schools. Students on this track seek to attain the State required M.A. degree to maintain certification and to enrich and expand their dance and pedagogy skills. Students on this track are interested in advancing their career to attain Staff Development, or Administrative positions in K-12 school systems. Many students on this track are concerned with preparing for career transition to doctoral degrees and higher education positions and elect courses with this interest in mind. Students who have certification and one year of full-time teaching in an area other than dance are eligible for Dual Certification (36-40 points).
  • Teaching Dance in Higher Education & the Professions (36 points): For those who wish to prepare for doctoral study, teach in higher education, or develop and administer dance education programs for cultural institutions or schools of dance. This track is particularly attractive to artists who have been working professionals (performers, choreographers) who find M.F.A. programs redundant to their professional artistry experience. Higher Education track students are seeking to build alternative skills in teaching and scholarship and to gain a competitive edge through research in the higher education field. Students graduating from this track are immediately employable for full-time positions at community colleges and for adjunct positions at institutions of higher education. This track is also attractive to students who aim their career toward the "professions" by directing education programs at cultural institutions, developing private schools of dance or developing community programs that interface with boards of education.