Can non-department majors take private music lessons?

Interested students can register for private music lessons and group beginner music lessons on Albert. Please consult the non-majors private lessons registration information sheetPlease be sure to review all sections on Albert (see the More Courses tab at the bottom of the page). An hour lesson is worth four credits and a half hour lesson is for 2 credits; the student may sign up for whichever fits best in his or her schedule. Private teachers are assigned based on skill level and are given out by the respective instrument department heads. Students with little or no experience are encouraged to take group music lessons when available.

Students who are not music performance majors and who wish to register for private instruction at the .2000 level must, through audition, demonstrate a sufficiently advanced level of performance to warrant registration in a graduate private lesson course. Please see Joyce Yin on the 11th floor of 35 W. 4th Street for the person who coordinates auditions for the lessons you wish to take.