Can I still perform?

The mission and vision of our program rests on the belief that pedagogy, research and artistic development are intertwined. Therefore, our students' artistic development is encouraged. Along with core artistry/creative inquiry courses that aim to stretch one's artistry, we offer a number of extra-curricular performance opportunities.

We produce two concerts annually. The Distinguished Faculty Concert gives students the opportunity to perform in faculty choreography. The M.A. Student Concert is an opportunity to both choreograph and perform in student works. Only NYU students and alumni may perform in our concerts, ensuring that our students will have many performance opportunities.

Kaleidoscope Dancers for Children (doc) is a student performance group that learns repertory, develops new works, designs lesson strategies and performs for K-12 students. Each spring, groups of school children attend our studios to closely interact with our dancer/educators. The group also performs in outdoor venues in the city.

Our faculty and alumni often invite our students to perform in professional outside venues.

If you want to continue performing professionally, part-time study is an option and some curricular requirements can be fulfilled during summer study. Students may also take two leaves of absence for one semester each to fulfill commitments such as touring.

With our central location in downtown NYC, we advise our students to take advantage the multitude of dance resources that New York City has to offer.