Faculty Positions

At NYU Steinhardt, we believe that education is an instrument for positive change in our world and the means through which the quality of life for all people can be enhanced. The School advances knowledge, creativity, and innovation at the critical crossroads of human learning, culture, development, and well-being. Through rigorous research and education, both within and across disciplines, the School's faculty and students evaluate and redefine processes, practices, and policies in their respective fields, and, utilizing a global as well as community perspective, are leaders in an ever-changing world.

Administration, Leadership, and Technology

Assistant/Associate Professor, Higher Education and Postsecondary Education, Tenure-Track

Associate Professor/Professor, Learning Science/Educational Technology, Tenured/Tenure-Track

Applied Psychology

Assistant Professor, Development Psychology, Tenure-Track

Clinical Assistant Professor, Non Tenure-Track

Art and Art Professions

Associate Professor, Visual Arts Administration, Tenured/Tenure-Track

Communicative Sciences and Disorders

1) Clinical Assistant Professor, Non Tenure-Track

2) Clinical Assistant Professor, Non Tenure-Track 

Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions

Associate Professor, Economics and Educational Policy, Tenured/Tenure-Track

Associate Professor, Data Science, Tenured/Tenure-Track

Media, Culture, and Communication

Visiting Assistant Professor, Media, Culture, and Communication, Non Tenure-Track

Music and Performing Arts Professions

Clinical Associate Professor, Arts Administration, Non Tenure-Track

Music Assistant/Associate Professor, Film Scoring, Non Tenure-Track

Visiting Music Associate Professor, Vocal Performance, Non Tenure-Track

Occupational Therapy

Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy, Tenure-Track

Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy, Tenured/Tenure-Track

Physical Therapy

Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy, Tenure-Track

Marilyn Moffat Chair in Physical Therapy, Associate Professor, Tenured/Tenure-Track

Clinical Associate/Full Professor, Physical Therapy, Non Tenure-Track

Teaching and Learning

Assistant Professor, Special Education, Tenure-Track

Assistant Professor, TESOL/Bilingual/Foreign Language Education, Tenure-Track

Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor, TESOL, Non Tenure-Track (NYU Shanghai)