Faculty Positions

Faculty Recruitment and Commitment to Diversity

Since its founding, Steinhardt has held a deep commitment to inclusion and diversity, a commitment that runs through NYU’s history as a university “open to all” and Steinhardt’s commendable record of teaching, research and service to the community. At Steinhardt, we take seriously the proposition that a diverse faculty is imperative to providing our students with the best education to be offered by a higher education institution. Core to this is a strong belief that we benefit from a diversity of perspectives in our learning communities, recognizing that we are a stronger school when our faculty and students are diverse in terms of life experiences, perspectives, and approaches. As you explore the details of each of our open faculty positions below, know that we are committed to substantially increasing the proportion of our faculty from historically underrepresented groups as we strive to create the most intellectually diverse, inclusive, and equitable institution that we can. 

Steinhardt will be recruiting for the below positions to start in Fall 2017. Please check back in September 2016 for more information on how to apply!

Administration, Leadership, and Technology

Clinical Assistant Professor of Educational Communication and Technology, Non-Tenure Track

Assistant/Associate Professor of Educational, Leadership, and Policy Studies, Tenure-Track/Tenured

Applied Psychology

Clinical Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology, Non-Tenure Track

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Social Intervention, Tenure-Track

Visiting Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology, Non-Tenure Track

Communicative Sciences and Disorders

1) Clinical Assistant Professor of Communicative Sciences and Disorders. Non-Tenure Track

2) Clinical Assistant Professor of Communicative Sciences and Disorders, Non-Tenure Track

Assistant/Associate Professor of Communicative Sciences Disorders, Tenure-Track/Tenured


Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions

Assistant/Associate Professor of Sociology of Education, Tenure-Track/Tenured

Associate Professor of Data Science, Tenure-Track

Professor of Economics, Tenured/Tenure-Track

Media, Culture, and Communication

Clinical Assistant Professor of Digital Production, Non-Tenure Track

Assistant Professor of East and Southeast Asian Media, Tenure-Track

Assistant Professor of Media and Information Industries, Tenure-Track

Music and Performing Arts Professions

Visiting Assistant Professor of Vocal Performance, Non-Tenure Track

Associate Professor of Drama Therapy, Tenured

Nutrition and Food Studies

Associate Professor of Food Policy, Tenured

Occupational Therapy

Clinical Assistant/Clinical Associate Professor of Online OTD, Non-Tenure Track

Physical Therapy

Clinical Assistant/Clinical Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, Non-Tenure Track

Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, Tenure-Track

Marilyn Moffat Endowed Assistant/Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, Tenure-Track/Tenured

Teaching and Learning

Clinical Assistant Professor of EMAT, Non-Tenure Track