Ted Magder

Associate Professor of Media, Culture and Communication

Ted Magder

Phone: 998 5015

Ted Magder is an associate professor in the Department of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University.  His research focuses on the legal and regulatory regimes that influence the flow of both media and culture across borders.

Recent research and publications have examined the origins of international agreements and global media, the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of Diversity in Cultural Expressions, on-line gambling and the World Trade Organization, and the principles of world communication. He is also the author of Canada’s Hollywood: Feature Films and the Canadian State (University of Toronto Press, 1993) and Franchising the Candy Store; Split-Run Magazines and a New International Regime for Trade in Culture (University of Maine, 1998).

Magder has been honored with teaching awards from the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development and York University in Toronto, Canada. In 2012 he was one of six recipients of NYU's  University Distinguished Teaching Award. 

Magder was a visiting scholar at the University of Amsterdam’s School of Communication Research in 2003.  In 2001, he was the Malim Harding Visiting Professor in the Department of Political  Science at the University of Toronto. Magder was the special academic advisor to the UN World Television Conference in 1999 and 2000. 

Magder is currently the academic advisor to the Center for Communication in New York City and a board member of the Prague Institute for Democracy, Economics and Culture. He is also co-director of the Council on Media and Culture at NYU. 

He received his BA from the University of Toronto, his MA from Carleton University in Ottawa and his PhD from the Department of Political Science at York University in Toronto.  In 1988, he was a post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Communication and Information Studies at the Polytechnic of Central London (now the University of Westminster).  Born in Toronto, he lives in Greenwich Village, New York.


Selected Presentations

  • "Are Cultural Goods and Services Merely Products Like Any Other." Conference on Globalization and Diversity: UNESCO and Cultural Policy-Making: Imperatives for U.S. Arts and Culture Practitioners. Center for Folklore and Cultural Heritage, Smithsonian
  • "Cultural Diversity and Other Principles of Global Governance," UNU-KNCU Seminar on Cultural Diversity and Global Governance, Jeju Island, South Korea

Degrees Held

  • M.A. Carleton University 1983
  • B.A. University of Toronto 1982
  • Ph.D. York University 1988


  • Malim Harding Distinguished Lecturer - University of Toronto
  • Teaching Excellence Award, Steinhardt School of Education
  • Teaching Excellence Award, York University, Toronto, Canada
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Centre for Information and Communication Studies, Polytechnic of Central London

Selected Publications

  • Canada's Hollywood: The Canadian State and Feature Films. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press) 1993
  • Franchising the Candy Store: Split-Run Magazines and the New International Regime for Trade in Culture (Orono; University of Maine) 1999
  • Transnational Media, International Trade and the Idea of Cultural Diversity." Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies. 18 (3), September 2004
  • "International Agreements and the Principles of World Communication." James Curran and David Morley, eds. Media and Cultural Theory (London: Routledge) 2006
  • "The End of TV 101: Reality Television, Formats and the New Business of TV." Laurie Ouellette and Susan Murray, eds. Reality TV: Remaking Television Culture (New York: NYU Press) 2004
  • International Agreements and the Principles of World Communication. James Curran and David Morley, eds. Media and Cultural Theory. London: Routledge (164 – 76), 2005
  • Gambling, The WTO and Public Morals: a Short Review of Antigua vs. the United States.” Television and New Media, Vol. X, no. 1, February (52 – 67), 2006
  • Television 2.0: The Business of American TV in Transition. in Laurie Ouellette and Susan Murray, eds. Reality TV: Remaking Television Culture. 2nd Edition. New York: NYU Press (141 - 65), 2008
  • The Origins of International Agreements and Global Media: The Post, the Telegraph, and Wireless Communication Before World War I. Robin Mansell and Marc Raboy, eds. The Handbook of Global Media and Communication Policy. London: Blackwell Publishing (23 - 39), 2011


  • Introduction to Media Studies
  • Business of Media
  • Media and Globalization
  • Global Media and International Law

Editorial Boards

  • Global Media and Communication, Editorial Board Member
  • International Journal of Communications Law and Policy, External advisor

Research Interests

  • The political economy of communication
  • Relationship between systems of mediated communication and democracy
  • Communication policy and law
  • Contemporary media culture and globalization