Sally Guttmacher

Professor of Health Studies

Phone: 998 5616
Office Hours: by appointment

Professor Guttmacher Directs the NYU MPH Program.  Her research interests include policy and prevention of chronic and infectious diseases; poverty and public health; women's health and evaluation. Much of her research in the past severalyears has been in the Cape Town Metro area of South Africa.   Dr. Guttmacher is currently involved in two research projects in South Africa.  One is on the integration of TB and HIV clinics in the Cape Town Metro are which she is doing with her Doctoral Student Jenny Uyei. The second is examining the health and educational risk faced by the  youth from Zimbabwe who are currently refugees in South Africa.  Dr. Guttmacher is also involved in the evaluation of a training program for NPs in Title 10 clinics.  She has just publiched a book, "Community Based Health Interventions" with Pat Kelly and Yumary Ruiz, Jossey Bass, 2010.  Dr. Guttmacher is a member of the Board of Public Health Examiners, NAF, and the Immediate Past President of the Council on Public Health Programs.

Selected Presentations

  • Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association 2002
    1. Innovative Models for Evaluating Community Health Promotion Programs, scheduled for Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 4:30 PM. 2. "Shifting sands: The complexities of evaluating the impact of a program targeted at a geographically defined community"

Degrees Held

  • B.A.
  • M.Phil.
  • Ph.D.


  • 2000 : Society Fellow, Masters Scholars Program, New York University, School of Medicine
  • 1999 : Certificate of Appreciation Caribbean Women's Health Association, inc.
  • 1999 : Award for Outstanding Contributions of Time, Talent and Leadership in the Fight Against Adolescent HIV/AIDS, from the AIDS and Adolescent Network of New York
  • 1998 : Selected by Columbia Univ. School of Public Health as one of it's 75
  • 2002 : Honorary staff members of the Medical Research Council of South Africa's Health Systems Unit

Selected Publications

  • Mathewa, C., Guttmacher, s., Hani, A, Antonetti, I, Flisher, A., "The identification of student opinion leaders for an HIV prevention programme in Cape Town High Schools" The International Quarterly of Community Health Education (in Press)
  • Weitzman, B, Guttmacher, S, Kapadia, F, Weinberg, S, Low Response Rate Schools in Surveys of Adolescent Risk-Taking Behaviors: Possible Biases, Possible Solutions, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, ( in press ).
  • Mathews,C., N Coetzee, M Zwarenstein, C. Lombard MSc, S. Guttmacher, A. Oxman, G. Schmid; A systematic review of strategies for partner notification for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, International Journal of STD & AIDS, a journal fro
  • Mathews C, Guttmacher S, Coetzee N, Magwaza S, Stein J, Lombard C, Goldstein S, Coetzee D. The evaluation of a video-based health education strategy to improve sexually transmitted disease partner notification in South Africa. Sexually Transmitted Infec
  • Guttmacher, F Kapadia, S. Weinberg, B Weitzman Are Classroom Based Surveys an Adequate Measure of Adolescent Risk Behavior, American Jr. of Public Health, 92:2, pp. 235-238, 2002
  • Mathews C, Coetzee N, Zwarenstein M, Lombard C, Guttmacher S, Oxman A, Schmid G. Strategies for partner notification for sexually transmitted diseases. Cochrane Library October 2001, Issue 4.
  • Mathews C, Ellison G, Guttmacher S, Reisch N, Goldstein S. Can audiovisual presentations be used to provide health education at primary health care facilities in South Africa? Health Education Journal 1999, 58, 146-156.
  • Guttmacher, S, Kapadia, F, Te Water Naude, J, de Pinho, H, Abortion Reform in South Africa: A Case Study of the 1996 Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act, International Family Planning Perspectives (1998) 24:4, pp 191-194
  • Guttmacher, S., Lieberman, L., Ward, D., Radosh, A., Freudenberg, N., & DesJarlais, D. (1997). Condom Availability in the New York City Public High Schools: Relationships to Condom Use and Sexual Behavior, American Journal of Public Health, 87:9, pp 1427
  • Reprinted in, Stand! Human Sexuality, by Colleen Mahoney, CourseWise Publishing Ins. (in press)
  • Guttmacher, S., Lieberman, L., Ward, D., Radosh, A., Raferty, A., & Freudenberg, N. (1995). Parents' Attitudes and Beliefs About HIV/AIDS Prevention and Condom Availability in New York City Public High Schools, Journal of School Health (65:3), 101-106
  • Guttmacher, S., Lieberman, L., Hoi-Chang, W., Radosh, A., Rafterty, Y., Ward, D., & Freudenberg, N. (1995) Gender Differences in Attitudes and Use of a Condom Availability Program by Sexually Active Students in New York City Public High Schools, Journ
  • Guttmacher, S. (1994). The Evolution of a Public Health Policy: Health Care Providers and the Transmission of HIV, International J. of Health Services, (24:3), pp. 535-548


  • Epidemiology
  • Community Needs Assessment
  • Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health
  • International Health
  • Grant Writing

Research Interests

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • survey research methodologyd
  • Race, social class, and ethnicity
  • qualitative research
  • Immigration History
  • stratification
  • 1. Adolescent Risk Behavior
  • 2.Evaluation of Public Health interventions
  • 3.Reproductive Health
  • 4. International Public Health
  • 5.Prevention of infectious disease