Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth

Associate Professor of English Education

Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth

Phone: (212) 998-5195

Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth, Ph.D. is director of Doctoral and Post MA Programs in Multilingual, Multicultural Studies: TESOL & Bilingual Education. An English-dominant  speaker from a Yiddish speaking home in Brooklyn, NY, her language background also includes Spanish, French, and Hebrew. She has worked with second language learners from K-adult in the Metropolitan area, has mentored second language teachers and researchers, and has held various leadership positions on a local and national level. She is currently research editor of the journal Writing and Pedagogy and co-chair of The National Association for Bilingual Education Research SIG. Many of her research interests center on crosscultural communication, with language as a mediator of individual and group perceptions and values.

Degrees Held

  • PhD CUNY Graduate Center 1979
  • MA Columbia University Teachers College 1971
  • BA Brooklyn College 1968
    Early Childhood Education and Modern Language Education:French


  • 2012 : Outstanding Teacher of the Year, New York State TESOL
  • 2011 : NABE Award for Work on Research SIG 2010-2011
  • 2005 : Nessa Wolfson Distinguished Scholar
  • 2001 : Teaching Excellence Award. Steinhardt School of Education
  • 1998 : NYS TESOL Service Award for work to preserve ESL Teacher Certification in NY State.


  • LANED-GE 2206 - Second Language Research
  • LANED-GE 2039 - Advanced Projects in Multilingual Multicultural Studies
  • LANED-GE 3005,8 - Doctoral Seminars in Multilingual Multicultural Studies
  • LANED-GE 2800 Advanced Research Seminar in Multilingual Multicultural Studies
  • LANED-GE 2099 - Culminating Seminar in Multilingual Multicultural Studies
  • LANED-GE 2005 - Intercultural Perspectives in Multilingual Multicultural Studies

Editorial Boards

Research Editor: Journal of Writing and Pedagogy. 2012-present, (Editorial Board 2009-2011). Member: Editorial Board. Bilingual Research Journal. 2007- present, Member: Editorial Board The International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching. 2006-present.

Selected Publications

  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M. (2011). Language variation from a bilingual perspective. Perspectives. 34:1, 17-20.
  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M., Gottlieb, J., Gottlieb, B., Goldstein, M. and Bennett, J. 2011. U.S. mainland-born and non-mainland-born children referred for special education. Journal of Multilingual Education Research, 2, 37-55.
  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M. and Ebsworth, T. (2011). Teaching and Learning English in Puerto Rico: An approach-avoidance conflict? In Fishman, J. and Garcia, O. (Eds) . (pp. 96-112). Language Handbook, Volume II: The Language Continuum . New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M. and Kodama, N. (2011).The pragmatics of refusals in English and Japanese: Alternative approaches to negotiation. International Journal of the Sociology of Language. 208, 95-117.
  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M. (2011). Guest Editor. International Journal of the Sociology of Language: Affective Aspects of Second and Foreign Languages.
  • Eisenstein J., Ebsworth, M., and Vaidhyanathan, V. (2011). Obama on Education -- A-Plus Values, F-Minus Policies. Huffington Post. January 12, 2011. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/chris-weigant/guest-column-obama-on-edu_b_808350.html
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  • Ebsworth, T. & Eisenstein, M. (1993). Sensitizing Learners to Sociocultural Aspects of L2: A Critical Incident Activity. Idiom Vol.23:2, 1,6.

Research Interests

  • Second language acquisition
  • language variation
  • interlanguage pragmatics
  • crosscultural communication
  • second language grammar development
  • TELL(technology enhanced language learning)