Jesse Bransford

Clinical Associate Professor of Art; Chair, Department of Art and Art Professions

Jesse Bransford

Phone: (212) 998-5712

A teacher at NYU since 2001, Bransford also taught at Columbia University for a year before becoming the Director of Undergraduate Study in 2005. Exhibiting widely since 1997, his most recent projects have been solo exhibitions exploring pictorial and visual associations of the observable planets, a series that will eventually result in seven exhibitions.

Exhibitions include solo shows in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Galveston, Toronto and Montreal as well as participation in group exhibitions in New York, London, Glasgow, Milwaukee, Los Angeles and Busan, among others.

In 2013 Bransford completed his first permanent installation for the New York City Public School 281 through a % for Art Comission granted by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and the School Construction Authority.

Bransford’s work is represented by Feature Inc. in New York, and Fulgur Esoterica in London.

Degrees Held

  • M.F.A. Columbia University
  • B.F.A. Parsons School of Design
  • B.A. The New School for Social Research

Selected Publications

  • Curriculum Vitae (link)
  • Abraxas III, Fulgur Esoterica
  • Brion Gysin: Dream Machine, New Museum/Merrell, New York/London
  • Hammer Projects 1999-2009, UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
  • MYTHTYM, Picturebox, New York
  • Le regard bleu d'Arthur Rimbaud, FVW Editions, Paris
  • Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing, Phaidon Press, New York/London
  • K48 #7, New York
  • Werewolf Express, Los Angeles
  • North Drive Press #2, New York
  • The Dogs, San Francisco

Selected Presentations

  • The Planets, A Ten Year Working
    A lecture as part of the Occult Humanities Conference, New York, 2013
  • Building the Fourth Pyramid: An Occult Art Installation in Galveston
    A presentation at Treadwells in London, in conjunction with the Exhibition I:Mage, organized by Fulgur Esoterica, 2013; the presentation was also delivered at OBSERVATORY in Gowanus NY, organized by Phantasmaphile, 2013
  • The Magic of Magic Squares
    A presentation at OBSERVATORY, Gowanus NY, organized by Phantasmaphile, 2011
  • A Jungle of Signs
    A discussion between Jesse Bransford and Karsten Krejcarek, followed by a lecture by Michael Taussig, In conjunction with "The Jungle" (for Norma), Feature Inc., New York, 2010(view)
  • Visual Languages of the Observable Planets
    A presentation as a part of the symposium: How Dangerous is the Irrational, ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin, Germany, organized by Sladja Blazan, 2009(view)
  • Layered Orders: Crowley's Thoth Deck and the Tarot
    A presentation at OBSERVATORY, Gowanus NY, organized by Phantasmaphile, 2009
  • Melancholia
    A lecture as a part of Something Else, A Lecture Series Curated by Adam Putnam, The Astrup/Fearnley Museet, Oslo, Norway, 2005
  • The Art of Memory
    A lecture as a part of Passing/Time, A Lecture Series Curated by Adam Putnam, 5 Ninth, New York, NY, presented by Tracy Williams Ltd., 2005


  • ART-UE 0107 - Fundamentals of Drawing I
  • ART-UE 0108 - Fundamentals of Drawing II
  • ART-UE 1180 - Projects in Drawing
  • ART-UE/GE 1190/2190 - Advanced Projects in Drawing
  • ART-UE 1122-001 - Topics in Drawing: Color Theory
  • ART-UE 1902 Senior Studio II
  • ART-UE 1910 - Undergraduate Projects in Studio Art
  • ART-UE 1918 - Undergraduate Projects in Studio Art: Autobiography
  • ARTCR-UE 0050 - Modern Art and Contemporary Culture
  • Undergraduate Projects: The Mural as Public Art
  • ART-GE 2990 MFA Graduate Studio Critique
  • ARTCR-GE 2450 Art and Ideas
  • ARTCR-GE 2910 Graduate Projects in Art Theory/Critical Studies
  • Graduate Seminar: The Idea of Death
  • Graduate Seminar: The Idea of Love
  • Graduate Seminar: Near Death
  • Graduate Seminar: Painting and the Image