Floyd M. Hammack

Professor of Educational Sociology and Higher Education

Floyd M. Hammack

Phone: 212-998-5542

I am currently working on a paper considering what educational achievement requires of students, especially those who are performing below standards.

Degrees Held

  • Ph.D. Florida State University 1973
  • M.A. University of Oregon 1969
  • B.A. University of Oregon 1966

Research Interests

  • High School Reform
  • Social Inequality and Education

Selected Publications

  • Curriculum Vitae (view)
  • Producing Opportunity: High School Reform for College Access and Success (view)
  • Review of Social Class and Education: Global Perspectives, edited by Lois Weis and Nadine Dolby. Teachers College Record, Published August 1, 2013 (link)
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  • Review of William A. Fischel, Making the Grade: The Economic Evolution of American School Districts. American Journal of Sociology, 116, No. 3 (November, 2010), pp. 1040-1042. (view)
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  • "Ethical Issues in Teacher Research." Teachers College Record, 99, Winter 1997, 247-265." (link)


  • SOED-UE 1015 - Education as a Social Institution
  • SOED-GE 2002 - Introduction to Sociology of Education
  • SOED-GE 2163 - Sociology of Higher Education
  • SOED-GE 2371 - Social Inequality and Education

Editorial Boards

  • 1995-Present: Teachers College Record, Editorial Board Member
  • 2013-2015: Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Editorial Board Member