Catherine Milne

Associate Professor of Science Education

Catherine Milne

Phone: 998 5132

Selected Presentations

  • Representation and Interaction Design for Effective High School Chemistry Simulations: Suggestions from the Field
    Symposium Seeing Concepts: Rethinking Math and Science Instruction at the 2010 Institute for Education Sciences (IES) Research Conference, National Harbor, MD, 28-30 June, 2010.

Degrees Held

  • PhD Curtin University of Technology 1998
    Science Education

Selected Publications

  • Milne, C. & Otieno, T. (2007). Understanding Engagement: Science Demonstrations and Emotional Energy. Science Education. (view)
  • Milne, C. , Scantlebury, K. & Otieno, T. (2006). Using socio-cultural theory to understand the relationship between teacher change and a science-based professional education program, Cultural Studies of Science Education, 1, 325-352. (view)
  • Martin, S., Milne, C., & Scantlebury, K. (2006). Eye rollers, Risk-takers, and Turn Sharks: Target Students in a Professional Science Education Program, Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 43, 819-851. (view)
  • Milne, C. & Ma, J. (in press). Making sense of the Regents Chemistry exam. In P. Fraser-Abder (Ed.), Pedagogical issues in science, mathematics and technology education. Volume 3. Schenectady, NY: New York Consortium for Professional Development. (view)
  • Milne, C. (1998). Philosophically correct science stories? Examining the implications of heroic science stories for school science. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 35, 175-187. (view)
  • Milne, C. (2010). Captives of the text? How analyzing discovery science stories set me free. In K. Scantlebury, J. B. Kahle, and S. Martin (Eds.), Re-visioning science education from feminist perspectives: Challenges, choices and careers. The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.
  • Milne, C. (2009). Assessing self-evaluation in a science methods course: Power, agency, authority and learning. Teaching and Teacher Education, 25, 758-766.
  • Milne, C., Rubel, L., Rodriguez, A. J., Emdin, C., Rivera Maulucci, M., Locke, D., Tan, E., Clairmont, N. & Upadhyay, B. (2009). Celebrating Jhumki Basu’s contributions to science education as a scholar and an activist: voices from the field, Cultural Studies of Science Education, 4, 417-434.
  • Milne, C. (2008). The beaks of finches and the tool analogy: Use with care. American Biology Teacher, 70, 153-157.

Research Interests

  • Coteaching and cogenerative dialogues
  • Teaching and teacher education especially issues of teacher agency and school structures
  • Learning science in urban schools
  • The role of history and philosophy of science in school science
  • Self-assessment and self-evaluation


  • 2009 : Outstanding Science Teacher Educator of the Year Level 1: 10 or fewer years in science education. Association for Science Teacher Education.


  • Recent Advances in Chemistry
  • The Teaching of Science in Middle and High Schools I
  • Science in a Historical Perspective
  • The Teaching of Science in Middle and High Schools II: Methods and Curriculum
  • Science Curriculum: Middle and High school
  • Science and Human Values