Faculty Affairs

Sabbatical Leave Applications Policies & Procedures


To: Faculty Applicants, Department Chairs, Personnel Committee Chairs

From: Pamela Morris, Vice Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs

Re: Sabbatical Leave Applications Policies & Procedures

This is to remind you that submission of completed applications for sabbatical leaves for the academic year 2016-2017, with the accompanying recommendations of the departmental personnel committee and the Department Chairperson are due in the Office of Faculty Affairs on Friday, December 11, 2015. The application must be approved and signed by the chairperson.  Applications for sabbatical leave are available online at www.nyu.edu/oaa/sabbatical.pdf.

Faculty planning to apply for a sabbatical should review pages 51-52 in the University Faculty Handbook (2008) regarding the purpose and procedures governing sabbatical leaves. Applications will be evaluated by the Dean for recommendation to the President based on the following School and University guidelines.

Sabbatical leave for the purpose of pursuing professional activities designed to enhance subsequent service to the University may be granted to full-time members of the faculty who have attained tenure and completed a minimum of six years of full-time service to the University. It is granted as a privilege, rather than right, which should result in minimal disruption of institutional programs and no additional cost to the School or University. It is not granted automatically on the basis of years of service and tenure status.

A sabbatical leave provides the faculty member with opportunity to undertake desirable professional activities with which the pressures of a regular “load” would interfere. Sabbatical activities should represent an extension of the faculty member’s career to date or an effort at career reorientation. Such leaves generally involve scholarly research, study, or other creative endeavors relevant to the specialty of the faculty member and the goals of the institution.

All sabbatical leave arrangements approved by the University carry the restriction that the faculty member is not permitted to engage in any form of regular academic or other employment to augment income during the sabbatical.

Sabbatical Leave Proposal

Review by Department Personnel Committee and Chairperson

Applications for sabbatical leave must provide a detailed statement of professional plans for the leave. The proposal should include a set of goal statements against which sabbatical activities may be evaluated. Below are the criteria for approving sabbatical that have been discussed by Department Chairs, Deans and the Faculty Senate. These criteria do not reflect new policies, but rather a clarification of the bylaws to assist faculty in making their requests.

Personnel committees and department chairpersons should review the academic substance of the proposal and should recommend applications for sabbatical leave only when the faculty member submits a proposal and a rationale that indicates the value of the outcome of the sabbatical to the faculty member and to the School of Education and the University.

Review Process

In reviewing an application for sabbatical leave the following University and School criteria should be applied by the personnel committee and the chairperson:

  1. Proposal focus and formulation
  2. Proposal product or outcome
  3. Reasonableness of time table
  4. Enhancement of faculty member’s service
  5. Career Extension/Re-organization or enhancement of current role

Sabbatical Coverage and Replacement Costs

Department Chairperson

Recommendations from the department chairpersons should include specific statements concerning class coverage and specific part-time faculty replacement costs, if any supplemental coverage is needed. A person’s full load need not be covered. Rotations of courses or course cancellations, for example, are ways to handle the absence of a particular faculty member for a semester or year. University policy requires the school to bear the cost of sabbatical leaves. Chairs should use the attached Sabbatical Coverage and Replacement Costs form, listing the information required for each applicant when submitting an application.

Sabbatical Report and Assessment

When the faculty member returns, he/she submits to the Department Chairperson a written report on his/her sabbatical. The sabbatical leave report should be submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs for review by the Vice Dean and Dean. A separate copy of the sabbatical leave report might also be attached to the Annual Professional Activity Report.

Thank you for your cooperation.