Faculty Affairs

Sabbatical Leave Policies and Procedures

Faculty planning to apply for a sabbatical should review the Sabbatical Leave section in the New York University Faculty Handbook, which discusses NYU’s purpose and procedures governing sabbatical leaves.

A sabbatical leave is defined as a leave for the purpose of encouraging faculty members to engage in scholarly research or other activities that will increase their scholarly achievement or their capacity for service to the University. Eligibility for a sabbatical leave is limited to full-time members of the faculty who have achieved tenure and who have completed six years of full-time service as members of the faculty at NYU. In general, at least six years elapse between consecutive sabbaticals.

A sabbatical leave is considered a privilege rather than a right, and should cause minimal disruption to School and department programs. Sabbatical leave is not automatically granted according to years of service or tenure status.

All sabbatical leave arrangements approved by the University carry the restriction that the faculty member is not permitted to engage in any form of regular academic or other employment of pecuniary advantage elsewhere. Refer to the NYU Faculty Handbook for sponsored research exceptions.


Sabbatical Leave Deadlines
November 1, 2016

Faculty submit the NYU Application for Sabbatical Leave to their Chair

November 8, 2016

Department Chair send Sabbatical requests with a recommendation to Faculty Affairs

November 15, 2016 The Dean sends Sabbatical requests, along with the Dean's and Chair's recommendations, to the Office of Academic Appointments
Dec 2016 - Feb 2017 Office of the Provost notifies Faculty of Sabbatical Leave decision

Sabbatical Leave Application

Applications for sabbatical leave must provide a detailed statement of professional plans for the leave, a discussion of the timetable, and include a statement of goals against which sabbatical activities may be evaluated. In addition, the application should provide a justification for how the activities proposed for the sabbatical leave will have value for the applicant, as well as the applicant’s department, Steinhardt School and/or NYU.

Sabbatical Leave Review Process

The criteria for approving sabbatical leave have been discussed by Department Chairs, Deans and the Faculty Senate. These criteria do not reflect new policies, but rather a clarification to assist faculty in making their requests.

In reviewing an application for sabbatical leave, the following University and School criteria should be applied by the Personnel Committee and the Chair:

  1. Proposal focus and formulation
  2. Proposal product or outcome
  3. Reasonableness of timetable
  4. Enhancement of faculty member’s scholarly achievement and/or capacity for service to the University
  5. Career Extension/Re-organization or enhancement of current role
  6. Rationale that indicates the value of the outcome of the sabbatical to the faculty member, Department, Steinhardt School and/or the University
  7. Approval of sabbatical leave causes minimal disruption to School and department programs

Sabbatical Report and Assessment

When the faculty member returns from a sabbatical leave of any duration, he/she is required to submit a written report on sabbatical activities and outcomes to the Department Chair. The written report should be submitted within 30 days of returning from sabbatical leave. The sabbatical leave report is also submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs by the Chair for review by the Vice Dean and Dean.

Sabbatical Leave Form

Click here to access the NYU Application for Sabbatical Leave. Please be sure to download it first and then fill in your information.