Faculty Affairs

Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical leave for the purpose of pursuing professional activities designed to enhance subsequent service to the University may be granted to full-time members of the faculty who have attained tenure and completed a minimum of six years of full-time service to the University. It is granted as a privilege, rather than right, which should result in minimal disruption of institutional programs and no additional cost to the School or University. It is not granted automatically on the basis of years of service and tenure status.

A sabbatical leave provides the faculty member with opportunity to undertake desirable professional activities with which the pressures of a regular "load" would interfere. Sabbatical activities should represent an extension of the faculty member's career to date or an effort at career reorientation. Such leaves generally involve scholarly research, study, or other creative endeavors relevant to the specialty of the faculty member and the goals of the institution.

All sabbatical leave arrangements approved by the University carry the restriction that the faculty member is not permitted to engage in any form of regular academic or other employment to augment income during the sabbatical.

Sabbatical Leave Deadlines
Dec 4, 2015 Submit applications for sabbatical leaves for 2016-2017 to Department Chair
Dec 11, 2015 Submit application for sabbatical leaves for 2015-2016 and replacement cost estimates to Dean
Jan 15, 2016 Dean forwards request with recommendations to Provost
April 2016 University notifies candidates of decisions on sabbaticals