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New Faculty: Relocating and Moving

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For many of our new faculty coming to New York University, it also means moving to New York. This move, as well as, schools and child care can be found at the Office of Work Life. The Office of Work Life Service's mission is to assist faculty in balancing their work and personal life, and this office provides important information about the community. The following link to the Office of Work Life Services Web site is helpful to both new and established faculty alike. For information about how this office can assist you, please go to http://www.nyu.edu/faculty/hr-your-service.html.  The following link provides information for families with children http://www.nyu.edu/family.care


When moving to New York, we ask that you obtain cost estimates from three movers. You can use any mover you would like, but a list is at the following link under "Key Suppliers" http://www.nyu.edu/purchasing.services If you have questions about your move, please contact steinhardt.facultyaffairs@nyu.edu.