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New Faculty: Preparing for the Semester

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Before your first day of work, you will need to get an ID Card. Yyou may also want to set up book and coursepack orders and access NYU Classes.

You will need an ID Card to enter various NYU buildings, including the Bobst Library.  This form must be signed by the Office of Faculty Affairs, before you proceed to the card center to obtain your card.  The Web site providing further information about the ID Card is http://www.nyu.edu/nyucard/for-faculty.html

The Faculty Coursebook Requisitions Web page is at this hyperlink http://www.bookstores.nyu.edu/forms/course.html. This page offers an online form in which faculty members can submit course book requisitions to the bookstore.  A list of titles should be submitted, including authors, in the order they will be used in the course. Five titles may be submitted on each form, but if additional course books are needed, a second form must be turned in with the additional books listed (in the same format).  Computer software necessary for the course can also be requested through this requisition form. Please check the Faculty Services section at the bookstore, for information about the target date for ordering materials for your course.

NYU Classes is an online learning management system that allows faculty members to provide students with course information, a discussion board, a class email list, additional articles to supplement the course text, grading and attendance policies, and student study guides.