Faculty Affairs

Resources for Junior Faculty Mentoring

  1. The School will sponsor a meeting at least once a year, announced well beforehand and with a follow-up reminder, and open to all tenure-track faculty to discuss the requirements for tenure and promotion and the tenure and promotion process.
  2. The School pays particular heed to special needs for mentoring within particular groups-needs that may emerge through discussions with junior faculty or through patterns perceivable in applications for tenure. Where such needs emerge, it will set up special mentoring structures to address them.
  3. The Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs are open to meetings with groups of junior faculty who wish to speak with them about particular issues.
  4. The Dean asks of all chairs and directors that they include in their annual reports a section on mentoring and on diversity and this is part of the conversation between the Dean and chairs and directors in their annual review conversation.
  5. The Dean will work with chairs and directors of departments and programs with very few women and/or minority hires to help make the "climate" in these departments and programs more collegial to such faculty (e.g., through addressing mentoring issues, issues of community, systemic discrimination, "climates" of intense internal competitiveness that may be unattractive to potential hires, etc.).
  6. The Dean's Office will make available to chairs and directors and to tenure-track faculty a list of resources available on campus to improve teaching, facilitate mentoring, provide information about progress to tenure, etc.
  7. The Dean's Office will sponsor an information session annually on effective mentoring for new faculty members and for chairs and directors.