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The Faculty Research section of the Office of Research website has more information about other School and University-wide awards and grants that are available.

Griffiths Research Award

The Griffiths Award, given annually in the amount of $1,000, recognizes faculty members for their research in advancing their fields of knowledge and professional practice: if the research has the potential to make a major contribution to the field of the applicant; or represents an innovative breakthrough or major advancement in terms of knowledge, method, design, theory, or practice, and has been published or accepted for publication over the last two calendar years.

Gabriel Carras Award

An annual Carras award for promising young scholars was established in 2004. This $1,000 award is given to a member of the faculty who is in the first or second year of a pre-tenure appointment. The award is named in honor of a former associate dean and professor emeritus, W. Gabriel Carras, in recognition of his many years of invaluable mentoring of junior faculty. 

To Apply

All faculty who are eligible for this award are encouraged to apply. The awardee(s) may be invited to make a presentation of the research during the following academic year at a Steinhardt faculty meeting.

Please submit an electronic copy (for chapters and journal articles) and 3 copies (for books) of the scholarly work to the committee for review. In addition to this published work, the applicant should submit a statement of no more than 250 words that provides a framework for work and addresses the criteria described above. Applications should be sent to the Office of Research via email at steinhardt.research@nyu.edu by March 20, 2017.

NYU Distinguished Teaching Award

The Distinguished Teaching Award recognizes those faculty members who have performed exceptionally in their position. To read further about how to nominate faculty members, go to the Distinguished Teaching Award webpage. Exceptional teaching and research are qualifications for the University Distinguished Teaching Medal. The award is given annually and the recipient receives a medal, as well as, $5,000.

Steinhardt Teaching Excellence Award

The Teaching Excellence Award is given to full-time faculty members in The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development who demonstrate teaching excellence.  Award winners receive a specially designed certificate and a monetary award.

The same award is given to adjunct faculty members in The Steinhardt School of Education who have exemplified teaching excellence.  The winners of this award also receive a special certificate, and a monetary award.

More detailed information about the criteria for selection, eligibility, and procedures can be found at: 

Teaching Excellence Award 2016-2017

The Goddard Junior Faculty Fellowship

Goddard Fellowship Award Overview

New York University provides each tenure-track faculty member, who has successfully passed their third-year review, with the opportunity to either reduce their teaching load by one course, or receive $4,000 in direct support of their scholarship.  In addition, the Steinhardt School provides recipients of the Goddard Award with one course reduction.  The purpose of the Goddard Award is to provide junior faculty with a concentrated period of time to conduct research and scholarship, which will lead toward meeting the criteria for promotion and tenure at NYU.  It is generally recommended that the award be used to address any recommendations made in the third year review. 

 With the Goddard Award, junior faculty members have the following two options: 

1)      Option 1:  One Steinhardt guaranteed course reduction, and the $4,000 award will be used for research related expenses.  Possible research related uses for the fund include: travel; scholarly research, including data collection and analysis; collection of materials involved in the publication of articles or a book,;and summer salary for research activity.  Receipts will be required for reimbursement.


2)      Option 2:  One Steinhardt guaranteed course reduction, and the $4,000 award will be used for an additional one course buyout.  

In selecting between the two options, faculty are reminded that the:

1)      must do this in consultation with their department chairs, to ensure that all departmental needs are being met.

2)      must teach at least two courses per year.  The timing of the course relief will also be determined in consultation with their department chairs. 

Goddard Award Application: 

1)      Proposal:  To apply for these funds, faculty must develop a short proposal of no more than two to three pages, discuss it with their Department Chair (and have it approved by him/her), then submit it to the Office of Faculty Affairs.  As needed, feedback will be provided with any suggestions deemed appropriate and, upon revision, shortly thereafter the faculty member will receive notice of the application's approval. 

a)       The proposal should include:

i)      the purpose of the project;

ii)     a list of questions or issues that will be addressed to carry the project to completion;

iii)    a brief outline of the methodology used in carrying out this work;

iv)    a budget:  if the Goddard monies are not used to offset the costs related to hiring an adjunct for additional course relief, faculty will be required to submit an itemized budget of the proposed expenses related to the Goddard project;

v)       a timeline for completion of the proposed project.

2)      Proposal submission deadline:  the proposal is generally due two weeks after the Dean has sent out the third year review.  

3)      Report:  At the conclusion of the leave, each Goddard Fellow will be required to submit a brief report of their activities to the Dean.