Nicholas Mirzoeff

Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication

Nicholas Mirzoeff

Phone: 212 998 5725

My research is in the general field of visual culture. In the past few years, I have concentrated in four areas

  • a decolonial genealogy of "visuality," a key term of art for the field, which owes its existence to the practice of Naopleonic-era generals in visualizing a battlefield that they could not see. Visuality imagined the social as war and was opposed to all emancipations and liberations. Visual culture is, therefore, against visuality. My book The Right to Look: A Counterhistory of Visuality is forthcoming with Duke University Press in 2011.
  • I work on texts for general academic use in the field, such as An Introduction to Visual Culture (2nd ed. 2009) and The Visual Culture Reader (3rd ed. forthcoming 2012).
  • I work extensively with contemporary artists, most recently with Carl Pope and Jeremy Deller.
  • I am a contributing editor for the online project Media Commons and a co PI with the Melllon-funded Alliance for Networking Visual Culture, which is developing "Scalar," a multi-media born-digital authoring software,
  • I am currently working on a project on the visual culture of climate change in conjunction with the not-for-profit Islands First



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