Michael J. Dumas

Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership

Michael J. Dumas

Phone: 212-998-5520

Michael J. Dumas' scholarly interests focus on the cultural political economy of urban education and the cultural politics of Black education. His publications include critical cultural analyses of school desegregation politics and educational equity policy formation and implementation, and theoretical explorations of what he has termed the Black educational imagination, which is concerned with the ways Black people—and particularly African American leaders, educators, activists and other cultural workers make meaning of the relationship between education and everyday Black existence and collective survival. His emerging ethnographic projects aims to capture how poor and working class urban African American families imagine opportunities and constraints in the lives of their young children as these children complete pre-kindergarten and transition to New York City public elementary schools.

Dumas received his Ph.D. in Urban Education/Educational Policy in 2007 from The Graduate Center of The City University of New York, where he was a recipient of the Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowship. Prior to coming to NYU, he served as assistant professor in the Master’s Program in Social and Cultural Analysis of Education and the Ed.D. Program in Educational Leadership at California State University, Long Beach. His most recent articles appear in Teachers College Record (see below), and in the Handbook of Critical Race Theory in Education (Routledge, 2013).

View this video in which Dr. Dumas speaks about his 2011 Teachers College Record article, "A Cultural Political Economy of School Desegregation in Seattle."