LaRue Allen

Raymond and Rosalee Weiss Professor of Applied Psychology, Chair Department of Applied Psychology

LaRue Allen

Phone: (212) 998-5076

Curriculum Vitae/Syllabi:

LaRue Allen, PhD, is Raymond and Rosalee Weiss Professor of Applied Psychology and Chair of the Department of Applied Psychology in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at New York University. She also directs the Child and Family Policy Center which focuses on bringing social science knowledge to policymakers and practitioners concerned with children and their families. Her research interests include urban preschool, adolescent and emerging adult development; impact of social, cultural and ecological factors on human development; issues in cross-cultural and cross-national research methods and design, alignment of preschool assessment tools and civic engagement among adolescents and emerging adults. Dr. Allen was a visiting scholar at the Centre de Recherche de l’Education Spécialisée et de l’Adaptation Scolaire in Paris, France, where she conducts research on the role of parents and teachers in the development of civic attitudes and behaviors among youth.