Jane Bear-Lehman

Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy; Adjunct Associate Professor, NYU College of Dentistry

Jane Bear-Lehman

Phone: (212) 998-5825

Dr. Bear-Lehman's teaching and areas of scholarship are in orthopedics, upper limb rehabilitation, work reentry, and gerontology. She was on faculty at Columbia University before joining NYUSteinhardt in 2004 and held academic positions earlier in her career at the University of Toronto and the University of Illinois-Chicago. She has over 60 publications in refereed journals and textbooks. Dr. Bear-Lehman is a NIH and NIA funded researcher for performance based measures with a focus on the hand spanning different populations and outcome studies in community and clinical based models. She served the NYU OT Department as its chair (2007-2013) and program director of doctoral studies (2006-7).

Watch video now : Jane Bear-Lehman discusses how research in occupational therapy informs clinical practice.

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