David E. Kirkland

Associate Professor of English Education

David E. Kirkland

Phone: 212-998-7391

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David E. Kirkland is a transdisciplinary scholar of English and urban education, who explores the intersections among urban youth culture, language and literacy, urban teacher preparation, and digital media.� He analyzes culture, language, and texts, and has expertise in critical literary, ethnographic, and sociolinguistic research methods.� He has received many awards for his work, including the 2008 AERA Division G Outstanding Dissertation Award and was a 2009-10 Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow and is a former fellow of NCTE' Cultivating New Voices. Dr. Kirkland has published widely.� His most recent articles include: Black Skin, White Masks�: Normalizing Whiteness and the Trouble with the Achievement Gap (TCRecord), English(es) in urban contexts: Politics, Pluralism, and Possibilities (English Education), and We real cool: Examining Black males and literacy (Reading Research Quarterly).� He is currently completing his fourth book, A Search Past Silence, to be published through Teacher College Press Language and Literacy Series. Dr. Kirkland believes that, in their language and literacies, youth take on new meanings beginning with a voice and verb, where words when spoken or written have the power to transform the world inside-out.


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