Anton Vishio

Music Assistant Professor of Music and Music Professions

Anton Vishio


Anton Vishio is a music theorist and composer whose research interests focus on late modernism, the continuity between late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century compositional practices, and non-Western modal and rhythmic traditions, particularly of India and the Middle East. His dissertation at Harvard University uses voice-leading symmetries to analyze counterpoint in post-tonal music, suggesting links with previous voice-leading practice and further compositional explorations. He has presented papers on the music of Iannis Xenakis, Donald Martino, Jonathan Kramer, and Roger Sessions, as well as on musical expectation and the theory and practice of polyrhythm, at conferences and universities in the U.S. and Canada.

As a composer he is particularly interested in the intersection of text and music; recent projects have included a setting of an episode of the Persian poem The Conference of the Birds for soprano and violin, as well as songs on texts by a wide range of twentieth-century poets and translators. He has been commissioned by the Composers Guild of New Jersey to compose a solo vibraphone work for Peter Jarvis. Active as a performer, Vishio was part of a two-piano team that won a Kranichsteiner Musikpreis at Darmstadt; he has also worked with the New Jersey Percussion Ensemble and Musical Observations. He has taught at several institutions, most recently McGill University, the University at Buffalo, and Vassar College.