Education Policy Breakfast Series

2008-2009 Series: Closing the Achievement Gap: Facing Challenges From Outside the Classroom

The 2008-2009 education policy breakfast series stimulated a conversation between researchers, policymakers, and practitioners about recent advances in our understanding of out-of-classroom influences in shaping the academic achievement gap.

Episode 3: Promising Practices

Students bring with them myriad challenges as they enter the classroom. In this session, three master practitioners serving vulnerable student populations discussed their innovative and promising models of practice.

Featured Claire E. Sylvan, Internationals Network for Public Schools; Glynda Hull, Digital Underground Storytelling for Youth; Mary Walsh, Boston Connects

Episode 2: The Crisis of Vulnerable Populations

Our nation faces an enduring achievement gap. Too many black, Latino, immigrant origin, poor, and male students, among others, are vulnerable to threats to their academic well being. The speakers addressed the complex challenges facing these students and made recommendations to better meet their educational needs.

Featured Pedro Noguera and Carola Suarez-Orozco.

Episode 1: Framing the Issue

Students bring with them myriad challenges as they enter the classroom. What does research tell us about these challenges? How do these realities frame children’s learning experiences and opportunities? What specific efforts and policy should be implemented to address these contributions to the achievement gap?

Featured Michael Rebell, Professor of Law and Educational Practice and Executive Director of the Campaign for Educational Equity at Teachers College, and Clancy Blair, Professor of Applied Psychology at NYU Steinhardt, with moderator Carola Suarez-Orozco, Professor of Applied Psychology at NYU Steinhardt.