Education Policy Breakfast Series

2007-2008 Series: Gender and Education: Implications for Policy and Practice

Episode 3: Gender, Schooling, and New York City

What has been the experience of those who are experimenting with schools for specific populations? How have practitioners applied the research on the needs of boys and girls in school and with what results? This session presented some of the strategies that New York City schools have implemented in response to the research on gender, particularly as it intersects with other aspects of students' lives, like race, ethnicity, class, parental status, and sexual orientation.

Featured Kevin Jennings, founder and executive director of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network; John King, managing director of the Excellence and Preparatory Networks of Uncommon Schools; Lisa M. Stulberg, assistant professor of educational sociology at NYU Steinhardt; Ann Rubenstein Tisch, the founder and creator of the Young Women's Leadership Schools

Episode 2: The Potential and Future of Public Single Sex Schools?

The role of single sex schools is controversial. Do single sex schools provide academic advantages or no advantages to students? This talk reviewed the existing empirical evidence on single sex schooling, and provided theoretical rationales for the value of single sex schools, especially in the public sector among at risk youth.

Featured Cornelius Riordan, Professor of Sociology, Providence College and Emily J.Martin, Deputy Director, American Civil Liberties Union, Women's Rights Project

Episode 1: Do Gender Differences in Academic Achievement Really Exist?

The role of gender in academic achievement is hotly contested. Are psychological gender differences large and widespread or small and diminishing? This talk discussed evidence for the gender similarities hypothesis and considered the implications of contemporary findings.

Featured Marcia C. Linn Professor of Development and Cognition Graduate School of Education University of California, Berkeley and Joshua Aronson Associate Professor of Applied Psychology, NYU Steinhardt